Ayodhya Ram Temple
Ayodhya Ram Temple

Ayodhya : According to the information provided, preparations are underway for the decoration of Ram Chabutra in the Ayodhya Ram Temple in 14 January 2024. The main 98 verses of the six Kandas (from Baal to Lanka Kanda) of Valmiki Ramayana will be engraved on the lower platform of Ram through frescoes.

The construction work of the first floor of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi temple is progressing rapidly. The completion of important works for the first phase is expected within the next 120 days, with the goal of consecrating Ramlala in January. The important works include the sanctum sanctorum, five pavilions, ground floor, lower platform, and eastern entrance.

The lower platform is being engraved with the “Ram Katha,” which consists of 98 frescoes based on the 98 major verses of Valmiki Ramayana. It is important to note that Valmiki Ramayana contains a total of 24,000 verses.

A committee comprising Trust General Secretary Champat Rai and Treasurer Govind Giri Ji Maharaj has been formed to consider the invitation list for the consecration of Ram Lalla’s statue. The inclusion of saints is given priority in this process.

Efforts are being made to enable people in villages across the country and foreign countries to witness the program of Pran Pratishtha. The embassies will be contacted to facilitate the broadcast of the program abroad.

After Makar Sankranti in January 2024, various activities including bhajan kirtan will be organized for about a week. The plan is to connect around 500,000 temples and maths (monastic institutions) from villages, towns, and other parts of the country.

The Ram temple will have approximately 400 pillars, with around 160 pillars on the ground floor, 132 pillars on the first floor, and 72 pillars on the second floor. These pillars will have intricate designs and will feature 14-16 idols each, resulting in a total of 3,600 idols, adding grandeur to the temple.


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