The fourth day of the Digital Perfect Health Mela focused on busting myths and the need for taking a preventive approach

It also focused on guidelines for nurses and allied health professionals

New Delhi, 

Two back-to-back insightful sessions marked the fourth day of the 1st Digital Covid-19 Perfect Health Mela (PHM) 2020. The first was an online session on Empowering Nurses and Allied Health Professionals for Management of Covid-19 while the second discussed the role of NGOs in Covid-19 Containment. This is the first time that the Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI), a leading national non-profit organization committed to making India a healthier and disease-free nation, has organized the PHM online and the theme this year is Living with Corona 1.

Speaking at the session, Padma Shri Awardee, Dr K K Aggarwal, President, HCFI and CMAAO, said, “It is extremely important for the allied healthcare professionals to be aware of certain best practices such as the proper use of PPE and other equipment. They must also understand the minimum contact guidelines, apart from other aspects of managing patients with Corona infection. This session offered some good insights on these things. In all kinds of communities, be it health professionals or the common people, the focus must be on removing the fear and panic.”

Adding further, Dr K K Kalra, said, “In case someone from your locality or apartment tests positive, the key is to remain calm and take precautions rather than induce panic. If you have Corona symptoms, it is important to buy an SpO2 monitor and measure the levels during the morning and evening. If the level is falling, then you need to undertake treatment.”

During the lockdown, the HCFI has been constantly endeavoring to bring together experts to share their insights as well as discuss the way forward on living with Coronavirus. Visitors can look forward to various e-stalls and other events in the days to come during the e-Mela. It can be attended by anyone in any part of the world, making this the first time that a Mela of this scale is being organized online. The main attraction this year will be an interaction with patient warriors who have recovered from Coronavirus.

Some points to keep in mind

·   If our contact time is less than 30 minutes with a person with Corona but both are wearing mask, there is no need to worry.

·    If your contact time is more than 30 minutes, there is still no need to worry. Monitor yourself and symptoms.

·   If there is a Covid-positive patient around you, do not discriminate against them. Give them support and ensure that you take precautions.

·  Do not be perturbed about deaths in people with comorbidities. They are already suffering from a health condition and the mortality may be due to lack of precautions. Make sure you take a preventive approach especially if you have associated health conditions.


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