Friday, July 3rd, 2020

pre-budget expectations quote from Jignesh Mehta

Pre-budget expectations quote from Mr Jignesh Mehta, Founder & Managing Director, Divine Solitaires


Mumbai ,  

The gems & jewellery industry has been largely neglected in the last few budgets. As with every sector, development is extremely important in the diamond industry. This industry has still not seen Vikas (development) in the way it is supposed to. In fact, it is the least digitalised sector and the upcoming budget should look into this.

Instead of taking the focus away from entrepreneurs, the industry should be attracting fresh talent and rewarding the deserving ones. People trying to bring about innovation and positive change need to be recognised and encouraged.

Despite being a traditional business in India, where more than 90 per cent of the world's diamond cutting and polishing takes place, the diamond industry has still not received enough attention from the government. We hope that the budget has more to offer to this industry. We need more focus on enhancing customer experience and fulfilment, improving the standards and bringing transparency by taking effective steps to organise this industry.




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