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Monday, January 25th, 2021

‘Powering the Web: New Ways to Tune and Optimize the Performance of Web Applications’ Workshop to be Held in Hyderabad Tomorrow Under the ‘HTML 5 Tour in India’

downloadINVC, Delhi, The ‘HTML 5.0 Tour in India’ has now reached Hyderabad. Tomorrow a workshop is being organized there with the theme: ‘Powering the web: New ways to tune and optimize the performance of web applications’. W3C Global Technology Leader Mr. Michael Smith will   deliver the detailed technical lectures along with technology demonstration about the new features of HTML 5.0 standard. The ‘HTML 5.0 Tour in India’ had started from Delhi on September 17; from where it reached Bangalore, where a workshop on the theme, ‘ Understanding the web: Core features of the web platform (HTML5)’ was held yesterday. From Hyderabad, the Tour will reach Kolkata and then to Pune [details available at].  ‘HTML 5.0 Tour in India’ is being held under the aegis of TDIL Programme, Department of Electronics & Information Technology. The Tour is being organized by W3C India office and will continue till 25 September 2013.    HTML5 is the next evolution of web development standards by which application developers create end-user experience. HTML5 standard is evolved by W3C to meet the goal of Open Web Platform. It provides a full programming environment for cross-platform applications with access to device capabilities, video and animations, graphics, style, typography, and other tools for digital publishing, extensive network capabilities and more. One of the most important benefits of HTML5 is that it is capable of making the Web useful on mobile and wireless devices, which will be next paradigm shift for internet growth in India.  The Web has become the main channel for governments to deliver services to citizens. Hence, Web technologies play a crucial role in the relationships between governments, industry and common citizens. W3C interoperable, open web standards help to ensure data accessibility independent of devices and platforms.The present series of workshops will be a big step towards creating awareness about the benefits and usage of HTML 5.0 standard for developing next generation web and mobile applications. The entire Software and Mobile computing industry in India is expected to be  benefited from these workshops – which will provide a single unified platform for developers, web-designers , academicians and researchers to have one to one interaction about the upcoming standard of HTML 5.0 and its applications.  This will accelerate the involvement of Indian ICT industry towards development of the next generation web standards and its adoption in India.  Mobile devices are increasingly being used as access devices for web based services / applications. TDIL progamme is also focussing on making the language technologies accessible through mobile device. In this direction HTML5 based Mobile Machine Translation application has been developed and is being demonstrated. Through this application people will be able get translation of English Sentences into Indian Languages.  Many prominent industry players from both public and private sector are showing keen interest and actively involved in this programme.



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