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New Delhi,
For the first time in the country, the annual electricity generation in 2014-15 crossed one thousand Billion Units or one Trillion Units. Power generation during the 2014-15 is 1048.403 BU showing a growth rate of 8.4% over the previous year which is the highest growth rate in the last two decades. Since 1991-92, the Compounded Annual Growth Rate of electricity generation has been around 5 to 6.6%. The biggest contributor was generation from the coal based power stations which recorded an annual growth rate of 12.1%.

The generation capacity addition during 2014-15 was 22,566 MW against a target of 17,830 MW, which is the highest ever achievement in a single year. The capacity addition during the first 3 years (2012-13 to 2014-15) of 12th Plan is 61,014 MW which has not only exceeded the capacity addition of 54,964 MW of the entire 11th Plan (2007 to 2012) but also constitutes 68.9% of the total 12th Plan target of 88,537 MW.

Out of 22,566 MW added during the year 2014-15, contribution of thermal sector was significant i.e. 20,830 MW (92% of the total). It includes NTPC’s 660 MW unit at Barh in Bihar where the first indigenously manufactured super critical units by BHEL have been commissioned. The year marked turn around in Hydro sector with 736 MW contribution in Central sector that included NTPC’s maiden contribution and entry in hydro sector with Koldam units. NHPC and SJVNL completed their projects at Parbati III and Rampur respectively. The gas based Monarchak Power Plant of 65.4 MW, Agartala ST-II of 25.5 MW and Palatana Unit-II of 363.3 MW were also commissioned during the year in Tripura which will benefit the entire North East. Commissioning of Kudankulam Nuclear power station of 1,000 MW during the year will help all the Southern States.

The focus is now more on transmission and distribution sector. Following a number of steps taken by the Government for expediting forest clearances and intensive monitoring of critical transmission lines, 22,101 circuit kilometers (ckm) of transmission lines have been commissioned during the year 2014-15 against 16,748ckm commissioned during the same period last year, thus having a growth of 31.96% which is the highest ever achievement in a single year. This is 106% of the annual target of 20,882 ckm fixed for 2014-15. Similarly, the overall increase in the transformation capacity has been 65,554 MVAduring 2014-15 which is record achievement in a single year and constitutes 137% of the target of 47,871MVA fixed for 2014-15.

The major inter-state transmission system (ISTS) commissioned in 2014-15 includes Raichur-Sholapur 765 kV 2nd circuit which strengthened the synchronous interconnection of Southern Region (SR) with rest of the country thereby facilitating reliable operation of single frequency National Grid. The commissioning of 2nd 765 kV line from Raipur to Wardha to Aurangabad during the year provides an important corridor for transfer of power from Chhattisgarh area towards load centres in Maharashtra and further to Southern Region. Commissioning of Sholapur – Pune 765 kV S/c line has also facilitated improvement of power supply in Maharashtra and SR. Commissioning of Silchar – Imphal and Silchar – Bongaigaon line during the year will result in significant improvement in power supply to Manipur and North-East.

The huge capacity addition coupled with higher generation and improved transmission capacity has resulted in considerably reducing the electricity energy shortage from a level of 7 to 11% during the last two decades to a record low of only 3.6% during the year 2014-15.


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