Post-budget quote from M J Balachander, Chairman, MVJ College of Engineering

Mumbai ,  

The Union Budget 2020  has focused on the nation’s growth and brings a positive sentiment to the overall economy. Education sector has been given a  major boost with announcements on Rs 99,300 Crore outlay for the education sector,  3000 crore for skill development. This will not only lead to the complete revamp of the sector but will also ensure that the young workforce is equipped with skills which can help them navigate through the *VUCA World*.  (Volatile,Uncertain,Complex,and Ambiguous).

The centre will announce a new education policy shortly, for which it received more than 2 lakh suggestions from the netizens.  The plan to start equipping urban local bodies to provide internship opportunities to young engineers, indeed fulfills the government’s mission to promote a caring society.
With hands on exposure, future engineers will be able to develop solutions which can help in solving many of the social issues such as traffic management and water scarcity.

 The proposal to introduce FDI in the education sector will definitely pay dividends in the long run in terms of building infrastructure in education. The “Study In India” program with IND-SAT exam structure will propel India into becoming a regional educational hub and will also bring in the much needed international educational practices.

Degree level full fledged online education programme will make higher education within reach for many who are at a disadvantage at the moment. The future of tomorrow will be guided by advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and new evolving digital technologies. In this budget, with a focus on a new national policy, efforts to increase government funding, emphasis on research, skilling & digital technologies will surely help drive India’s growth as one of the leading economies in the future. We look forward to building a New India with a new skill set and new mindset and education sector would play a key role in delivering this vision.. We hail the efforts taken by the government and wholeheartedly welcome the budget.


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