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Thursday, December 9th, 2021

Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market Outlook to 2024


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The report titled “Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market Outlook to 2024 – By Land (Road, Rail, Pipeline), Sea, Air Freight Forwarding (Domestic and International Freight), Courier and Parcel, Warehousing, Cold Transport and Storage, Third Party/ Contract Logistics (3PL) and E-Commerce Logistics” provides a comprehensive analysis of the logistics space within Portugal. The report focuses on Portugal freight forwarding market size, Portugal freight forwarding market segmentation by mode of service (land transport and via pipelines, sea freight and air freight), by international freight and domestic freight, by flow corridors (Asia, Europe, Africa, America and others), by 3PL logistics and integrated logistics, by end users (food and beverages, healthcare, retail, automotive- spare parts, components and others), by different modals (unimodal and multimodal transport). The report provides Portugal courier and parcel delivery market size, market segmentation by international and domestic shipments, by air express and road express, by delivery period (one day delivery, two day delivery, three day delivery and more than three day delivery), by intra city and intercity shipments, by market structure (B2B, C2C and B2C), by regions (Lisbon, Porto, Gaia and others); Portugal E-commerce logistics market size, Portugal E-commerce logistics market segmentation by delivery period (within 2 hours, within 24 hours delivery, 2-3 day delivery and others); Portugal 3PL market size, Portugal 3PL market segmentation by market (freight forwarding and warehousing); Portugal cold chain market size, Portugal cold chain market segmentation by cold storage and cold transportation; Portugal warehousing market size, Portugal warehousing market segmentation by business model (industrial / retail freight, container freight, cold storage, agriculture and others), by regions (Sines, Lisbon, Porto and others), by type of warehouses (closed warehouse, open warehouse and cold storage), by 3PL and integrated warehouses and by end users (food and beverages, automotive, consumer retail, healthcare and others). The report also covers overall competitive landscape; government role and regulations, SWOT analysis, growth drivers, trends and developments. The report concludes with market projection for future and analyst recommendations highlighting the major opportunities and cautions.

Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market Overview and Size

Portugal logistics and warehousing market has witnessed positive growth over the past few years owing to increase in investment by the government for development of logistics infrastructure, growing E-commerce and rising exports. The revenue generation had decreased in the year 2015 due to the instability felt in Europe which increased levels of economic uncertainty along with “Brexit” which affected the market. The market has seen an upward trend since then due to the economic stability and continued till 2018. The investment in the logistics sector was one of the key initiatives which bolstered the growth of the sector between 2016 and 2018, including the development of transportation infrastructure, the increase in the capacity of the major Portuguese ports such as expansion of the container terminal at the port of Leixões and the expansion of a container terminal in Sines, and the modernization of the rail freight sector.

Portugal Freight Forwarding Market

Portugal freight forwarding market grew at a positive CAGR during the review period 2013-2018, driven by increase in infrastructure investments and increase in exports. On the other hand, it was observed that road freight and air freight had dominated in terms of revenue in 2018 which further led to expansion of freight forwarding services in Portugal during the above period. Road freight was observed to be the most preferred mode of transportation due to the development in the road infrastructure and relatively cheaper prices as compared to the other modes of transportation; followed by air and sea freight. Land transport has transformed with integration of multiple technologies such as RFID tools are used to track goods delivery. telematics (in-built sensors and remote diagnostics techniques), Electronic toll collection on highways (used in busy intermodal transfer points to avoid traffic congestion) and platooning technology which helps improve driving and fuel efficiency. International freight dominated the Portugal freight forwarding market in terms of revenue. Asian and European flow corridors were observed as the largest contributor in terms of revenue in Portugal freight forwarding market. FMCG and automotive industries in the country played a significant role, especially for the domestic market. The freight forwarding market in Portugal is expected to incline in future, driven by rise in trading in the country, surge in E-commerce industry along with continuous investment by the government in developing the logistics infrastructure in Portugal.

Portugal Courier and Parcel Services Market

Portugal courier and parcel services market grew at positive CAGR in terms of revenue during the review period 2013-2018 due to the rise in E-commerce industry coupled with rising customers demanding express delivery for their shipments. The products that are majorly transferred through express delivery include documents, fashion and retail, Toys, Hobby & DIY and others. In terms of delivery, one day delivery has dominated the courier and parcel services market in terms of revenue as Portugal being a small country takes relatively lesser amount of time for delivery within the country. Portugal courier and parcel services market is expected to increase at a positive CAGR during the forecast period 2019-2024. The consistently growing E-commerce industry will drive the courier and parcel market owing to the rising demand of express delivery services especially in the Business to Consumer segment.

Portugal Warehousing Market

The warehousing market is at a growing stage as many freight forwarders are setting up their warehouses in Portugal. The logistics market has been mainly driven by major Portuguese large distribution retailers as well as transport companies, the latter undertaking a relevant share of logistics operations, as only a few number of worldwide logistics operators are present in the country and usually have a small footprint. The regions of Porto and Lisbon have the highest number of warehouses. Expansion of ports and manufacturing companies are further expected to drive the warehouse market revenues in the coming future. Increasing prominence of online shopping will increase the size of E-commerce industry in the country. Multiple emerging E-commerce companies would require warehousing facilities to store / stock their products thereby, creating a positive impact for warehousing space in Portugal.

Portugal Cold Chain Market

Portugal Cold Chain market has expanded majorly due to rise in the demand for perishable items, growth of international trade due to trade liberalization and expansion of food retail chains by multinationals. In addition, government support for infrastructural development fuels the demand in the cold chain industry. The geographical location of Portugal has aided the overall market growth majorly due to good connectivity with European and Asian region. The number of companies offering cold chain services in Portugal is further anticipated to increase in the near future. As a result of which, new logistics players will begin to operate in multiple verticals therefore, intensifying competition within Portugal.

Portugal E Commerce Logistics Market

E-Commerce Logistics market grew at a double digit CAGR in terms of revenue as well as in the number of orders during the period 2013-2018 majorly due to growth in digital technology, rise in cross-border e-commerce and rising internet penetration in the country. Portugal’s E-commerce logistics market is poised for strong growth in the coming years.

Portugal Third Party/ Contract Logistics Market

Third-party logistics (3PL) outsourcing has been witnessed to gain prominence as increasing number of corporations across the world are unable to manage their complex supply chain services and are forced to outsource logistics activities to the 3PL companies. Previously, 3PL service providers in Portugal offered services such as transportation, brokerage, and shipping whereas; now mostly web-based entities have emerged with better supply chain integration. Third Party Logistics (3PL) have dominated the freight forwarding market of Portugal in 2018 as majority of the companies prefer to undertake third party logistics for providing freight forwarding solutions to their clients.

Comparative Landscape within Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market

Competition stage within freight forwarding market was observed to be highly fragmented along with the presence of major national and international players such as DHL Portugal, Abreu Cargo, TAP, Garland and many more. The competition has intensified as domestic and international players are focusing on increasing their presence in the country. The companies in the country are competing with each other on the basis of price, technological advancement, expertise knowledge, fleet size, value added services and supply chain management.

The courier and parcel market along with E-commerce logistics industry of Portugal was observed to be highly concentrated with the presence of major players such as DHL Express, FedEx express, UPS, CTT and others covering around majority of the market share in the year 2018. These companies were witnessed to compete on parameters such as shipping points, coverage area, prices, delivery boys, payment collection methods and associations with E-commerce merchants.

Portugal warehousing industry was observed to be highly fragmented with the availability of large number of large and medium scaled warehousing companies spread across the country. The market encompasses a mix of unorganized and organized players. The companies in the country are competing with each other on the basis of the size and location of the warehouse, rent rates/taxes, type of warehouses and technologies.

Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market Future Outlook and Projections

Portugal logistics and warehousing market is expected to incline in future at a positive CAGR during the forecasted period 2019-2024, due to rise in trade and demand for fresh fruits and vegetables which will further incline the country’s express logistics market. Growing E-commerce operations has given opportunities to logistics players in order to expand their business operations across the nation and it will further enhance the demand of logistics in the coming years. The Government plan largely aims to advance Portugal’s competitiveness through the establishment of several projects such as developing seaports, airports, roads and railways which will in-turn directly lead to the rise in logistics activities in the country. Expansion of ports and manufacturing companies are further expected to drive the warehouse market revenues in the coming future. In addition to that, increasing prominence of online shopping will increase the size of E-commerce industry in the country.

Key Segments Covered

By Services

Freight Forwarding


Courier and Parcel Activities

Value Added Services

Portugal Freight Forwarding Market

By Mode of Service (Freight Volume, Revenue Generated)

Road Freight and Transportation through Pipelines

Sea Freight

Air Freight

By Mode of Freight

Domestic Freight

International Freight

By Flow Corridors

Asian Countries

European Countries

African Countries

Others (American, Australian Countries and many more)

By 3PL/ Contract Logistics and Integrated

Contract Logistics

Integrated Logistics

By End Users

Food and Beverages



Automotive (Spare Parts, Components)

Others (Dangerous Goods and Chemicals)

By Different Modals



Portugal Courier and Parcel Logistics Market

By International and Domestic Express

International Express

Domestic Express

By Air and Ground Express

Air Express

Ground Express

By Delivery Period

One Day Delivery

Two Day Delivery

Three Day Delivery

More than three Day Delivery

By Inter and Intra city

Intra City

Inter City

By Market Structure




By Region





Portugal Warehousing Market

By Business Model

Industrial /Retail Container

Freight /Inland Container Depot

Cold Storage


By Region





By Type of Warehouses

Closed Warehouse

Open Warehouse

Cold Storage

By 3PL and Integrated

Contract Logistics Warehousing

Integrated Warehouse

By End Users

Food and Beverages

Automotive (Spare Parts, Components)

Consumer Retail



Portugal Cold Chain Market

By Storage and Transportation

Cold Transportation

Cold Storage

By Products

Food and Beverages


Meat and Sea Food


Chemicals and Others

Portugal 3PL Market

By Service Mix

Freight Forwarding


Portugal E-Commerce Logistics Market

By Delivery Period

Within 2 hours

Within 24 Hours

2-3 Day Delivery



Key Target Audience

Logistics Companies

Warehousing Companies

Freight Forwarding Companies

Express Logistics Companies

E-Commerce Logistics Companies

3PL Logistics Companies

E-Commerce Companies

Cold Chain Logistics Companies

Companies seeking Logistics Services

Companies seeking Warehousing Services

Companies seeking Courier and Parcel Services

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: 2013-2018

Forecast Period: 2019-2024

Companies Covered:

DHL Portugal

Abreu Cargo



DB Schenker



DSV Portugal



LKW Walter

CEVA Logistics

Noatum Logistics

Kerry Logistics

Laso Transportes




SEKO Logistics

DHL Express Portugal

FedEx Express

UPS Express



TNT Portugal

Logista (NACEX)


Key Topics Covered in the Report

Executive Summary

Research Methodology

Introduction to Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market

Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market Infrastructure

Cross Comparison of Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market with EU Countries

Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market Size, 2013-2018P

Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market Segmentation, 2013-2018P

Portugal Freight Forwarding Market, 2013-2024E

Portugal Courier and Parcel Market, 2013-2024E

Portugal E-Commerce Logistics Market, 2013-2024E

Portugal Third Party Logistics (3PL) Market, 2013-2024E

Portugal Cold Chain Market, 2018P and 2024E

Portugal Warehousing Market, 2013-2024E

Decision Making Process for Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market

Regulatory Framework in Portugal Logistics and Warehousing

SWOT Analysis of Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market

Trends and Developments in Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market

Issues and Challenges in Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market

Company Profiles of Major Players Operating in Portugal Logistics & Warehousing Market

Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market Future Outlook and Projections, 2019E-2024E




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