New Delhi – : Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar recently made a statement addressing the criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi by former Congress President Rahul Gandhi during his visit to the United States. Jaishankar emphasized that certain matters go ‘beyond politics’ when an individual represents their country on an international platform.

Speaking at a program for overseas Indians in Cape Town after attending the BRICS foreign ministers’ meeting, Jaishankar stated that he personally refrains from engaging in political discussions while traveling abroad. When asked about his stance on the matter, he responded, “I can only talk about myself, and I try not to do politics when I go abroad.” He reiterated his willingness to engage in a constructive debate.

However, Jaishankar highlighted the importance of collective responsibility and national interest in a democratic culture. He acknowledged that there are occasions when larger issues take precedence over political differences, particularly when representing the country internationally. He stressed the significance of keeping this in mind when traveling abroad.

While Jaishankar expressed his willingness to disagree with others, including Rahul Gandhi, he stated that he prefers to address such differences when he returns to his own country. This approach reflects his commitment to engaging in productive debates within the domestic political landscape.

During his recent address to Indian-Americans in Santa Clara, the United States, Rahul Gandhi criticized Prime Minister Modi and his government’s policies on various fronts, prompting Jaishankar’s remarks.


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