Punjab National Bank, in a function held to celebrate the Bank crossing a major milestone of enrolling more than 10 Million Debit Card holders, launched two new products to meet customer expectations: the PNB World Travel Card and the PNB Platinum Debit Card, in association with MasterCard. The PNB World Travel Card has been designed as a Prepaid Wallet for persons traveling abroad that can be used outside India. This Card is available in 3 currencies, viz., US Dollar, EURO & British Pound and can be used at ATMs for cash or at Point of Sale terminals. This can be reloaded also. For Premium customers, the Bank has introduced the PNB Platinum Debit Card. The event was held on the 11th of August, 2010, at Hotel Hyatt, New Delhi and was chaired by Shri K R Kamath, CMD of the Bank while Shri T V Seshadri, Country Head MasterCard and General Manager South Asia, was the Guest of Honor. Shri MV Tanksale and Shri Nagesh Pydah, Executive Directors of Punjab National Bank also graced the occasion that was attended by important customers and senior executives of the Bank.

Punjab National Bank has emerged as a technology savvy Bank that offers world class technology products and services to its customers along with the distinction of being the largest nationalized Bank with 100% branches on CBS network. The Bank has positioned itself as peoples’ bank, with more than 58 million customers across the country.

MasterCard Worldwide, a premier global payment solutions provider is one of the significant partners of PNB. MasterCard is committed to accelerating business through fueling economic connections that drive real value for its customers, associates, merchants and consumers. Through its family of brands, such as MasterCard®, Maestro® and Cirrus®, MasterCard serves consumers and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories and processes over 22 billion transactions each year.

As a customer centric Bank PNB is sensitive to customer needs and relationships. In tune with its tradition of providing maximum value to its customers, the Bank also announced two additional benefits for its Debit Card holders to be launched shortly: PNB Loyalty Reward Points and PNB Accidental Benefit Scheme. Under the loyalty scheme, a customer would receive the benefit of earning Free Loyalty Reward Points by using PNB Debit Cards at POS terminals that may be redeemed subsequently against goods and services. Additionally, active Debit Card holders would be eligible for free accidental coverage against the unfortunate incidence of accidental death.

CMD Shri Kamath, thanked the associates and the esteemed customers for their support and cooperation in helping the Bank to scale greater heights. He emphasized that the Bank’s products need to be customer-centric and the bank should tailor its’ products as per customer requirement through product innovation. CMD added that the World Travel Card and the PNB Platinum Debit Card were two such prime products that were eagerly awaited and he expected them to be used widely.

Shri K.R. Kamath, CMD, PNB and Shri T.V. Seshadri, Country Head, Master Card along with Shri M.V.Tanksale and Shri Nagesh Pydah, EDs PNB at the launch ceremony of PNB World Travel Card and PNB Platinum Debit Card.  Seen in the picture are Shri P.N.Khanna and Ms. Kritika, customers and General Managers of the Bank.
Shri K.R. Kamath, CMD, PNB and Shri T.V. Seshadri, Country Head, Master Card along with Shri M.V.Tanksale and Shri Nagesh Pydah, EDs PNB at the launch ceremony of PNB World Travel Card and PNB Platinum Debit Card. Seen in the picture are Shri P.N.Khanna and Ms. Kritika, customers and General Managers of the Bank.


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  8. Unless it is a new law, the answer is no. I am from Ohio and moved from there 5 years ago. I still keep up on the news and happenings there. I also still talk to quite a few people from there (many of them have children in daycares) and have never heard of this being a requirement. It is a nice jesture on the day cares part if they choose to provide this service, but not required.

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  10. It should be possible as long as the camera has audio and video input jacks, and you get cables to connect the TV’s outputs to it. Then you can copy the recording to your computer from the camera (use google video, it’s better than youtube)

  11. Virtually all speakers with grills allow their removal for service/maintenance but you shouldn’t do it. It’s like driving around with no hood. There is absolutely no benefit whatsoever unless you attach a small mirror to the woofers cone and aim a laser beam at it. It will reflect a cool Lissajous pattern. This works best with Pink Floyd or Santana and some acid. This will certify you as a geek.

  12. There are people all over the country who do this sort of thing, but not always easy to find. The best guy I know is Sound Remedy in Collinswood NJ (near Cherry Hill). Guys name is Rich. He’s done 2 pr of speakers for me. Does great work. Google him or check yellow pages. Lost number, sorry.

  13. most are mph, never heard of it as km/h unless u r outside of the US. i have one (need to jump onto exercise program!) and its mph. but how fast do u put it at in order to run that distance in that time?

  14. Just let him cry for a few minutes. Then go in and without talking or making eye contact, put pacifier back in his mouth (if he uses one), and pat him a minute, not picking him up and see if he stops fussing. Then leave the room again and if he starts crying, repeat. This teaches them that you are nearby if they really need you, but it is definately time to settle down and sleep.

  15. Our son was 4 months old when we did the transition. By that time he had good head control(obviously) and was sleeping consistently through the night so I felt comfortable doing it then.

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  18. If your using a computer to view your camera, then you need a static IP address to view it from a different location. If you use a DVR, then you have to do the same thing, but you won’t have to leave any computer on. They now have DVR systems you can view your house or any place else from your Black Berry or I Pod

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  24. You must have completely run out of substantive things with which to demonize this lady. The point system on this board carries no value except to boost people’s egos, but why you would waste five of those useless points on this question is beyond my immediate comprehension.

  25. I have an 18mnth old NAVMAN, it has all speed camera warnings already built in. There was nothing to download, no extra charges etc, it has lots of other built in free extras and it only cost £140 then, is even cheaper now. I have found it totally reliable, TOMTOM is overhyped in my opinion. Sorry I cannot advise you on your Q, but my opinion is that this facility should come as standard, hopefully someone else can advise. Failing that, contact the company and ask why they advertise their product as the best, yet fail to include as standard what "lesser" products do. It should not be left to you, as the customer to find help, that is their job.

  26. i have used them and they are very good but not built for professional use dont get me wrong they are ultra sharp but loose there edge if use for 2-3 hours a day so they would need to be sharpened quite often and would wear down quite quickly but for amateur kitchen use they are good value

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  34. Sounds to me like he needs to grow up! I wouldn’t go out with him after he flicked you off? but if you really like him..then i guess give him a chance and see how he is–if he is still acting immature…don’t bother with him! good luck!

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  38. Your best bet is Walmart. They carry Kenmore, Singer, Brother etc. You can get one for less than $100.00 and they work very well. I bought one for a relative a few months ago (she wanted to learn as well); I have a machine I bought from Sears years ago and loved her machine for $99.00 so much I went back for one for myself. I sew everything!from clothes, stuffed animals, I’ve reupholstered my sofa etc. Have fun learning, once you start you won’t want to stop….

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  42. Assuming the downloaded games you speak of are either .iso or .cso, you will need a custom firmware such as 3.90 m-33 (official firmware will not run ripped games). To do this yourself, you’re going to have to Pandora your battery and find a "magic memory stick" program. Instructions to do this are quite easy to find — just lurk around the internet.

  43. shop around, do all sites you can find till you find a cheap one, surely if you are still in H.S. with a part time job you know to find the cheapest price. There aren’t just 3 carriers out there but thousands and amongst them there’ll be 20 cheap ones

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  45. wtf? caste system doesn’t exist now. colleges happen to note down your caste as if you happen to come from a lower one they’d not accept any fee from you and if bollywood did that they’d be sued. you’d go to jail if you abuse some one from lower caste.

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  47. A stepdown transformer should not cause damage to any of your equipment. Transformers are basically two coils wound together. The coils are electrically independent of each other, meaning that there is no direct connection between them. The only thing it will do is take the line voltage and transform it down to the 110vac you described above. The only way a transformer would cause damage would be if there were an actual fault in it. If there is any variation in the output voltage then that would more than likely be caused by the changing of the input voltage. As long as the transformer is in good working conditions (ie not abused) then there should be no problem.

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  51. I was thinking about starting a scrapbook collection for my final year of high school and college. I love making my own cards and scrapbooks by hand. They appeal to me basically because they seem more personal. Everyone is so hooked on the latest technology that they neglect the simple and creative things that don’t involve technology. If you don’t have the time to do scrapbooking, just work on a little bit at a time. Maybe just use a regular diary instead of a large scrapbook and insert ur favorite quotes, stories, poems, or pictures? I wouldn’t pay too much for a scrapbook- no more than $25. U can get pics and quotes from magazines or print them from the computer. Buy cheap stickers or create ur own stamps (Office Depot and Big Lots have a lot of good supplies), or maybe u can go 2 Joann’s Crafts or Michael’s for lace, beads, or anything u want 2 make ur scrapbook/gifts decorative. Might I also recommend getting the Print Shop cd-rom. This cd has a lot of graphics and features u can use to make ur own cards, labels, and envelopes. Good blessings 2 u! I wish u the best and have fun 🙂

  52. You cannot learn how to hack. You will need to learn everything there is about operating systems, protocols, services and daemons for example. Once you know everything about an operating system, you will know how to secure it as well. When you know how to set up a system properly, you will also be able to discover if simular systems are set up properly. This is the basis of any system and network administrator and the basis of hacking. Hacking is not something which you can learn, it is like asking how to make a Picasso. You can however learn how to paint. Learn everything there is to learn about operating systems, their configuration, security, et cetera. Learn how to properly set up a server and its services. Learn the OSI model, networking protocols, routing, firewalls, et cetera. Once you are a skilled system and network administrator, you are on your way to knowing how to hack. It is not something which you will learn in a day, a week or even a year. It will cost you many years. I have worked as a security consultant for more than 10 years now, doing security projects worldwide for companies and governments. I started developing an interest in security more than 15 years ago. You cannot learn how to hack, you can only learn how to "paint".

  53. select the proper welding lens an 8 is good for mig, and stick. ok when you strike an arc you will see a flash, well it will soon get steady, this is when you know its (welding)ok make sure you keep your wire about an 1/8 of an inch away from the weld surface, you will wanna start on the thicker side if there are two diffrent sizes..but if there the same you choose the most comfortable for you…well then if you needa fill a gap you will wanna watch your puddle which is the red glob of metal you will see melting on the surface, ok you will wanna keep your wire in front of the puddle and not move to fast just go down the gap, letting the puddle fill the gap, if its too deep for one pass, you will wanna turn the machine up a couple of more amps. to burn through the metal to make a Hot Pass then let it cool and put a beed on one of the two side, but be sure to return the machine back to its original setting before doing so, well now do the other side, and check it to see if it needs another if so do it again. ok if ya need anything else just ask

  54. Post it note on the bathroom mirror. Hopefully, you brush your teeth before you go to sleep. You can put your rubber bands by the sink and or write a post it note and stick it on the mirror till it becomes natural to you! Best of luck

  55. Yes, rubber bands are typically used at the end of treatment. I got mine in November and stopped them in March. Then I had to get some "finishing" wires just to even out the lengths of my teeth. And now they’re coming off in 3 days! But yes, you should be nearing the end of your treatment.

  56. I’m sure it is, I know plastic surgeons sometimes do ‘fat grafting’ which is when they take fat from things, love handles, stomachs, etc. and insert it into areas of the face but I’m not sure if they do the same thing for breasts. I’m sure they can though, but I’m not sure if it’s any better or worse than implants.

  57. well.. its not a magazine, but frommers travel guide is the best and most up to date (in my opinion) i would guess that any seasoned traveler has a copy or two. i dont want to seem down on magazines. i guess there is always Travel or my favorite National Geographic, it just takes a good 5 months to publish something in print. you know??? check out travelpod . it may give you what ur looking for.


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