PM Netanyahu now in panic: faces internal dissent and international pressure

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu

Tel Aviv : Now Israeli PM Netanyahu is in panic because on one hand there is huge international pressure on PM Netanyahu to stop the war, while on the other hand huge protests are taking place inside the country demanding a ceasefire. Thousands of people took to the streets of Tel Aviv and opened a front against their own government. The people who took to the streets demanded that this war should be ended immediately and discussions should be started for the release of the hostages. Along with this, the protesters are demanding the resignation of the entire war cabinet including PM Netanyahu.

The war between Hamas and Israel in Gaza has been going on for almost six months, but this war is not showing any sign of stopping. The Israeli army is continuously carrying out major attacks, in which along with Hamas fighters, innocent people are also losing their lives. In the latest development, the IDF carried out an airstrike outside a hospital in Gaza, killing two Palestinians. Thousands of refugees are living here in camps.

The IDF claimed to have killed four Hamas commanders in Al-Shifa hospital. He says he was hiding in the hospital. Meanwhile, demonstrations are also taking place across the world regarding the ceasefire. Demonstrations took place in New York, London, Tunisia, Amman Ramallah and Karachi as Palestinian supporters celebrated the 48th Land Day in these countries. On this occasion, thousands of rallies were taken out and ceasefire was demanded.


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