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Saturday, October 31st, 2020

PM Modi’s leadership is golden period for Indo-US ties : CM Chouhan

CM  Chouhan holds dialogue with Indian community

Apprises them with Madhya Pradesh’s remarkable progress

INVC NEWS Washington DC,

In a dialogue session organized by the Indian Embassy on the first day of his U.S tour, Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan discussed various aspects of development of Madhya Pradesh with the Indian community in Washington. Discussing remarkable progress of Madhya Pradesh and India, the Chief Minister said that there are abundant possibilities of investment here. Shri Chouhan said that currently the Indo-U.S. friendship is witnessing a golden period under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The hard work, dedication and patriotism of the Indian community settled in America has a major role to play in creating this favourable atmosphere. The CM said that Madhya Pradesh has become such a state in the country where the general public has direct partnership in democratic procedures. Historic efforts have been made by adopting a strategy in the form of a mission towards welfare of the poor and poverty alleviation. Shri Chouhan told that government is working on the strategy of providing house to every poor person in Madhya Pradesh by 2022. Discussing the efforts made in social sector Shri Chouhan said that initiative has been taken to make every girl child in Madhya Pradesh a ‘lakhpati’. He said that he is popular as ‘Mama’ among all children. He said significant work has been undertaken in women empowerment in India. Shri Chouhan said that historic work has been undertaken in environmental conservation in Madhya Pradesh. Discussing the Narmada Seva Yatra he said that fruit-bearing saplings have been planted on both banks of the river so that the river gets new life. CM Shri Chouhan said that Madhya Pradesh has launched a campaign towards river conservation on such a wide scale for the first time through remarkable contribution by people. Madhya Pradesh is also playing major role in the development of the country, he said. M.P has now been included among the leading states of the country as far as industrialization is concerned. Irrigation facilities are being made for farmers of Madhya Pradesh so that no farmer has to face water crisis. He spoke at length with the Indian community on the project of connecting rivers. Sharing India’s experiences with India under leadership of Prime Minister Shri Modi, CM Shri Chouhan said that Shri Modi has made India a self-respecting country. Shri Chouhan toured the Museum of American history and War memorial.



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