PM Modi’s Bihar Rally: Championing Development and Fighting Corruption

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

Patna : The  Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to sound the election trumpet in Bihar from today. Today he will address a public meeting in Jamui and ask for votes for NDA candidate Arun Bharti. PM Modi said that earlier the money of the poor was looted midway. Now that money is going directly into your account. In Jamui itself, farmers have received more than Rs 850 crore in their bank accounts. Tell me, if there was an arrogant government, would the money have reached your account? If RJD and Congress were in power, you would have got fake signatures made and said that the money has reached. Bihar bore the brunt of Jungle Raj. Today the corrupt keep speaking foul against Modi.

PM Modi said that whatever happened in 10 years is just a trailer, a lot of work still needs to be done. We have to take Bihar and the country much further. This Modi has reached here after enduring the heat of poverty. That’s why Modi knows and feels the pain of every poverty. This is Modi’s guarantee that your dream is my resolve. Therefore the Central Government gave top priority to poor welfare. The poor of Bihar have got 37 lakh pucca houses. Nine crore people have received free ration. And, Modi’s guarantee will continue to be given for the next five years.

PM Modi said that during the time of RJD and Congress governments, Jamui was called a Naxal affected area. Government schemes did not reach here. Naxalites did not allow roads to be built here. Today, under the NDA government, Jamui has become synonymous with development. Naxalism is dying. Now an expressway will emerge in this area. Attacking Lalu, he said that those who register land in the name of job can never do any good to the country. Nitish Babu was also the Railway Minister but there were never any complaints against him. No questions were raised. Under the arrogant coalition government, trains ran in poor condition. Today Vande Bharat trains are running in Bihar.

PM Modi said that Bihar has not got justice after independence. NDA government has taken Bihar out of the quagmire. Nitish Babu has played a big role in this. The 2024 election is very decisive for the future of Bihar and India. Today, on one hand, there are parties like Congress and RJD, who during their government spoiled the name of the country in the whole world. The resolution of the NDA government is to build a developed India. Building a prosperous Bihar. You remember what was the opinion about India in the country 10 years ago. Small countries which were yearning for flour, their terrorists used to spread unrest in the country. Congress kept pleading. When the NDA government came, it said that this is the India of Chandragupta and Ashoka. We did not kneel before anyone. Today India has become the fifth economy of the world. When India holds the G20 meeting, it is discussed all over the world.


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