PM Modi said- Action against corruption will continue

Narendra Modi

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the Congress manifesto has the imprint of Muslim League. The leftists became dominant in whatever things were left. The old Congress is not visible anywhere. Congress is not daring to field candidates even on those seats which it considered its stronghold. The person to whom Congress is giving ticket is leaving Congress the next day. He said that SP has to change its candidates every hour. These people are not finding candidates. The film starring two boys which flopped in UP has been re-released. I don’t understand how many times Kanth’s pot will be offered. Indi is fighting not to win the alliance but to stop the NDA alliance at less than 400 seats. The corrupt are uniting together and threatening Modi. Modi is not going to back down. Swift action against corruption will continue.

PM Modi said that the present Congress neither has policies in the interest of the country nor the vision of country building. Congress is completely cut off from the hopes and aspirations of today’s India. The Congress manifesto reflects the same thinking which was prevalent in the Muslim League during the freedom movement. Congress is not visible at all in the manifesto of Congress. Such a Congress cannot take India forward in the 21st century.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the work which Congress could not do in decades has been done by the NDA government in ten years. For all the years Congress was in power, it gave priority to eating commission.

Ended the evil practice of triple talaq, Modi said that the BJP government has ended the evil practice of triple talaq. Made a strict law. Worked in the interest of Muslim sisters. His dignity has been restored. This not only benefited the Muslim women but also benefited her entire family. The woman’s brother, father, mother were worried that if the son-in-law got angry, he would give triple talaq. By abolishing the law of triple talaq, we not only saved Muslim women but the entire Muslim family. For this, Muslim daughters will continue to bless Modi for centuries to come.

In the end PM Modi said that you will have to break your own records. More voting has to be conducted than what has happened in the last three elections. BJP has to get more votes than what it has got in the last three elections. He asked the people who came to the rally that they will go door to door and win the booths. My expectation from you is to win at all the booths of these two seats. It is the responsibility of all of us to ensure more voting in this heat. No matter how strong the sun is, we have to conduct voting early in the morning.


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