Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed joy in celebrating festivals in a post-COVID era. During the event, he emphasized the significance of Chhath Puja, now recognized as a national festival, and addressed the growing concerns around deepfake technology. This Diwali gathering witnessed Modi discussing the menace of deepfakes, urging citizens and the media to remain vigilant.

Deepfake Threats: A Major Concern

Prime Minister Modi underscored that deepfakes have become one of the most significant threats, posing risks to India’s societal fabric. The misuse of artificial intelligence in creating deceptive content is a danger that the country is actively combating. Modi warned that this threat could potentially lead to social unrest, emphasizing the need for both citizens and the media to stay alert.

Addressing Media Responsibility

During the Diwali meet, PM Modi called upon the media to educate the public about the dangers associated with deepfakes. He highlighted instances during elections where deepfake videos and synthetic voices were misused to target politicians. Modi stressed the importance of media responsibility in creating awareness and mitigating the risks posed by deepfake technology.

Combating Deepfakes: A Call to Vigilance

Modi emphasized the need for heightened vigilance, especially when it comes to the improper use of artificial intelligence in creating deepfake content. He urged citizens and media professionals alike to remain cautious and discerning, particularly when encountering information that may have been manipulated using deepfake techniques.

Vocal for Local and COVID-19 Resilience

Touching upon the ‘Vocal for Local’ initiative, PM Modi noted that it has garnered substantial support from the public. Reflecting on the resilience displayed during the COVID-19 pandemic, he stated that the availability of resources in India instilled confidence among the people, assuring them that the nation is unstoppable.

Diwali as a National Celebration

In the context of the Diwali celebration, Modi highlighted the elevation of Chhath Puja to the status of a national festival. He expressed immense satisfaction about this development, emphasizing the cultural significance of the festival for the entire nation.

A Plea for Awareness

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Diwali address not only celebrated the joy of festivals in a post-pandemic world but also raised a crucial alarm about the rising threat of deepfakes. As India embraces its cultural diversity, there is a collective responsibility to safeguard against the misuse of technology that could potentially undermine societal harmony. The call for awareness and vigilance against deepfakes is not just a Diwali message but a crucial plea for a technologically resilient future.


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