PM Modi on a three-day foreign tour : Strengthening cooperation in austria, enhancing trade with russia


New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to embark on a significant three-day foreign tour, with key diplomatic engagements in Austria and Russia. This tour marks a historic moment as it commemorates the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between India and Austria. The visit aims to explore new avenues of cooperation, enhance bilateral ties, and discuss crucial trade opportunities with Russia.

Strengthening Diplomatic Relations with Austria

Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Austria is noteworthy as it is the first by an Indian Prime Minister in over four decades. This visit is set against the backdrop of celebrating 75 years of diplomatic ties between the two nations. Both countries share a commitment to democracy, freedom, and the rule of law, which forms the foundation of their partnership.

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer expressed his enthusiasm for PM Modi’s visit, highlighting it as a significant honor. The Chancellor’s social media post emphasized the importance of this visit in further deepening bilateral relations and addressing various geopolitical challenges.

Key Meetings and Discussions

During his stay in Vienna, PM Modi will meet with President Alexander Van der Bellen and Chancellor Karl Nehammer. These high-level talks are expected to cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Economic Cooperation: Exploring new ways to boost trade and investment between India and Austria.
  • Cultural Exchange: Promoting cultural ties and understanding between the two nations.
  • Geopolitical Challenges: Discussing shared concerns and strategies to address global geopolitical issues.

In addition to these meetings, PM Modi and Chancellor Nehammer will jointly address a gathering of top entrepreneurs from both countries. This event aims to foster business collaborations and highlight investment opportunities in India and Austria.

Enhancing Trade Ties with Russia

Following his visit to Austria, PM Modi will head to Russia, where he will engage in crucial discussions with President Vladimir Putin. This visit holds particular significance given the current global geopolitical climate and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Focus Areas of the Russia Visit

The discussions between PM Modi and President Putin are expected to focus on enhancing bilateral trade, particularly in the defense and energy sectors. Key points of interest include:

  • Defense Cooperation: Strengthening defense ties and exploring new defense procurement opportunities.
  • Energy Security: Ensuring a stable supply of oil and gas from Russia to India, despite geopolitical challenges.
  • Technological Collaboration: Promoting technological exchanges and cooperation in various fields, including space and nuclear energy.

PM Modi’s visit to Russia comes at a time when the world is closely watching the dynamics between Moscow and Beijing. By reinforcing India-Russia relations, the visit aims to balance India’s strategic interests with those of Western countries.

Historical Context and Current Relevance

This tour is significant as it is PM Modi’s first visit to Russia since the outbreak of the Ukraine war. Despite the conflict, India has maintained a neutral stance and continued its oil and gas imports from Russia, showcasing its commitment to energy security.

During a previous meeting on the sidelines of the SCO summit in September 2022, PM Modi had urged President Putin to consider peace, emphasizing that “this is not the time for war.” This statement garnered global attention and underscored India’s role as a responsible global player.

Engaging with the Indian Community in Vienna

Another highlight of PM Modi’s visit to Austria is his interaction with the Indian community in Vienna. This engagement aims to strengthen the bonds between India and its diaspora, recognizing their contributions to both countries.


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