Our idea is not appeasement but satisfaction: PM Modi addressed the lok sabha

PM Modi address Lok Sabha
PM Modi address Lok Sabha

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Lok Sabha on today regarding the motion of thanks brought on the President’s address. PM Modi said that he has come to the House to express gratitude towards the President’s speech. PM Modi said, ‘Those who have come among us for the first time as MPs and some of those colleagues expressed their views. Their behavior was like that of an experienced MP. They have increased the dignity of the House.’ PM Modi said that the country has shown the world that this was the biggest election by conducting a successful election.

The Prime Minister said, ‘I can understand the pain of some people because they were defeated even after continuously spreading lies.’ The Prime Minister further said, ‘The people of the country have given us an opportunity to serve for the third time. The people of the country have seen the track record of the Bharatiya Janata Party for 10 years.’

PM Modi said that the people of the country have seen that our only goal is India First. He said, ‘Our only goal has been ‘India First’. Our government works on the mantra of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas. Keeping this thought paramount, we have pledged to serve the country. Speaking on terrorism, PM Modi said, today’s India enters homes and kills. There was a time when scams used to compete with scams. Those who appease are in pain. PM Modi said that today India has reached such a position that we have to compete with ourselves. The speed that we have gained in the last 10 years and now this speed has to be maintained. On the issue of terrorism, PM Modi said that today’s new India enters homes and kills terrorists. There will be no compromise with the security of the country. Terrorists will be shown their place.

Attacking the Congress, PM Modi said that before 2014, the people of the country used to say that ‘nothing can happen to this country’, these were the seven words that the people of the country used to say. We changed it. Narendra Modi enumerated the works of the central government after 2014 and said that before we came to power, there used to be competition between scams. We stopped this. For gas connection, one had to go round MPs and MLAs and even those were not available. Even for getting ration, one had to pay bribe.

We have moved forward with the idea of ​​satisfaction and not appeasement. PM Modi said, ‘This country has also seen the politics of appeasement for a long time. When we talk about satisfaction, it means that the benefit reaches the last person. When we talk about the principle of saturation, it is social justice in the true sense. The people of the country have put their stamp on this by electing us for the third time.’ PM Modi said, ‘This election has proved how mature the people of India are. It is the result of that that today for the third time I stand before you humbly to serve you. You have seen our policies. Our intentions have been seen, the people of the country have trusted it. PM Modi said, “When the country develops, the resolution of crores of people is fulfilled.

When the country develops, a strong foundation is laid for the coming generations to fulfill their dreams. After independence, the common citizen of my country has been longing for these things. When India develops, the condition of villages and cities also improves a lot. India’s villages will also contribute to the world’s development journey.” PM Modi said, “There was a time before 2014 when big banks were being closed. After 2014, there were changes in policies, speed was seen in decisions. Today, Indian banks have become one of the best banks in the world. There was a time before 2014, when terrorists used to attack the country. Today, India after 2014 attacks by entering the house.”


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