PM Justin Trudeau exposed-India and China had interfered in the elections

president joe biden , Prime Minister Justin Trudeau , Pm narendra modi
president joe biden , Prime Minister Justin Trudeau , Pm narendra modi

Ottawa : The Canadian state media reported claims by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) that the governments of India and Pakistan tried to influence the Canadian federal election in 2019 and 2021. India has completely denied these claims of Canadian media. But now Canada’s own documents have exposed it. The official investigation into allegations of foreign interference in Canadian elections has concluded that India did not attempt to interfere in Canadian politics.

A panel of senior Canadian officials monitoring the 2021 elections in the country was not informed about any efforts by India to influence national elections, investigations have revealed. An election official told the investigative panel, I do not believe that during the 2021 election we saw evidence of the use of such tools in the campaign by the Indian government. However, according to the same testimony, the Canadian Intelligence Agency found that China had interfered in the last two elections.

This truth has come to light a few days after Canada’s Security Intelligence Service accused India. In the elections being talked about in 2019 and 2021, PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party had won. Ever since the news of China’s role in this election came, the opposition in Canada is angry. Under pressure from opposition MLAs unhappy with the reports, Trudeau has formed a commission to investigate foreign interference. India had earlier denied the claims and said it does not interfere in the democratic processes of other countries.


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