Best Design & Aesthetic Award at Renowned Gates Summit in IndiaINVC NEWS

New Delhi,
Creative Peripherals, one of India’s leading distribution networks in IT, Imaging, Telecom and Lifestyle products, has today announced that PhotoFast, the leading iOS storage manufacturer was awarded as the Best Design & Aesthetic Award at the Gates Summit event on February 16th, 2016 in Maharashtra, India. The awarded device was its innovative iOS data storage solution, the PhotoFast MemoriesCable.

The MemoriesCable is the world’s first extra storage drive for your iPhone designed as a charging cable that allows to back up your iOS device while you charge. The convenience, practicality and portability of the MemoriesCable is what makes the design of this device so unique. With MemoriesCable there is storage capacity of up to 128GB, providing the avid iPhone or iPAd user the capabilities of a portable hard drive or even a laptop, ensuring you are connected and in-touch with all your data.

In addition to the MemoriesCable, a special recognition was given to the MemoriesCable 1M – with a longer cable providing a more versatile reach – as well as to the rest of the portfolio of PhotoFast products, such as the MAX drives for their speed and design and the Evo Plus for its cross-platform capabilities.

“We are thrilled and honored by this award bestowed on the MemoriesCable. PhotoFast is a company that is committed to innovation and to making Apple products better, and this award confirms this commitment even further” said Mr Warren Wang, CEO ofPhotoFast.

The PhotoFast MemoriesCable is supported by PhotoFast’s i-FlashDrive ONE app. This intuitive, user-friendly app includes a variety of rich online and offline capabilities. Users can store and back-up data from cloud-based services such as iCloud Drive, Google Drive and DropBox, as well as popular social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. The i-FlashDrive ONE app also offers enhanced security and file management features, including a USB lock and app lock supported by Touch ID.

The GATES Summit event is a leader in industry channel ecosystems that facilitates accelerated go to market for organizations across Consumer electronics, Education & ICT through strategy and sales. The highlight of the Summit was the SMART PITCH, which gave both new to market and existing vendors an opportunity to deliver an elevator pitch for their latest product on a common stage.


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