PHD Chamber in association with USSEC organized a Workshop on Role of Soy in Health and Nutrition Ensuring Nutritional Security : Exploring Business Potential


Dr.-Ratan-Sharma,-Director-INVC NEWS
New Delhi ,

To address the issue of Malnutrition and diet enrichment with protein through the soybeans, a Workshop on the Role of Soy in Health & Nutrition was organized at PHD House, New Delhi.

Mr. J P Meena, Special Secretary, Ministry of Food Processing Industries asked the India Inc. to establish partnership between the soy producers and the processors, given its protein and other nutritional value for its large scale consumption. Addressing a Workshop on Role of Soy in Health and Nutrition under aegis of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry here today, Mr. Meena further emphasised the role of soy to combat the malnutrition in India and suggested a massive campaign similar to promoting eggs in India, should be launched for the soy products promotion as well.

Soy is considered to be a wonderful source of high quality protein and oil and is helpful to improve the health of the people, feeling better and live longer. U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) partnering the event. USSEC is a dynamic organisation of key stakeholders representing U. S. soybean producers, commodity shippers, merchandisers, allied agri. businesses and agricultural organisation promoting the soy utilization and developing its market. This workshop had been participated by soy processors, corporate entities, government organizations and the NGOs involved in promoting and utilizing soy as a nutritious foods in the government feeding and the social welfare programs.   The Special Secretary also explained that government has host of subsidized schemes to an extent of 50% for various food processing sectors including of the soy processing through the mega food parks and in other forms.

He also urged industry to develop and diversify the domestic soy market and should not alone concentrate its efforts only on export.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Ratan Sharma, Director- India & ASC Soy Food Program, U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) said” That soy is a highly nutritious food. Soybean is one of the very few plants that provide a high quality protein with minimum saturated fat. Soybeans contain all the three macronutrients required for good nutrition, as well as fiber, vitamins and minerals. Soybeans help people feel better and live longer with an enhanced quality of life. Soy contains 40% protein, making it higher in protein than any other legumes and many animal products. Protein in just 250 grams of soybean is equivalent to protein in 3 litres of milk or 1 kg of mutton or 24 eggs.

Dr. Sharma discussed about various soy products including of the soymilk, tofu, soy nuggets, soy fortified wheat flour and gram flour, soy based Dal Analogue, and suggested that these products have been made by using high end processing technology, tasty and safe for consumption. He further emphasised that soy could be a wonderful solution to reduce the protein calorie malnutrition in India, and our government should include soy as a main nutritional ingredient for various supplementary nutrition and welfare programs to ensure a healthy young generation. Dr. Sharma mentioned that soy fortified wheat flour can be widely used in the Public Distribution System. He pointed out that India imports more than five million metric tons of the Dal (lentils) from other countries. Government should think to promote the soy based Dal Analogue which is an extruded product by using wheat, soy and corn. This Dal Analogue is similar to our regular dals in cooking characteristics and taste. It is much cheaper than the regular Dal and superior in nutrition. This can reduce the import burden to the government up to a great extent.

Mr. John Slette, Senior Attaché for Agriculture  Affairs at the U. S. Embassy In India emphasised the role of soy in food and nutrition security of India. Jonn was very positive with the efforts Indian Government is making to fight with the under nutrition. He suggested that soy products could be a least expensive way of protein for the general masses in India.

Dr. Ratan Sharma has contributed immensely in the field of Soy food promotion in India and in his 22 years of service to this industry, he has helped to establish more than 1000 soy food entrepreneurs in India and abroad. He is a Ph.D in soy food technology and was awarded a number of times for his efforts on soy flour fortification.


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