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Sunday, January 17th, 2021


INVC, Chandigarh, His Excellency President of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain presented the Achievement Award to PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry in recognition of the ongoing continuous endeavours and initiatives of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry to boost and promote bilateral trade relations. R S Sachdeva, Co-Chairman, Punjab Committee, PHD Chamber received the award on behalf of PHD chamber of Commerce and Industry. The award was conferred in recognition of the efforts of PHD Chamber for enhancing mutual relations and better coordination in bilateral trade and exhibitions, during Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s 26th annual Achievement Awards 2013 ceremony function held on 26th Sept at convention center, Islamabad. “This was for the first time in the history of 26 years of the annual Achievement Awards that it was conferred on any international organisation”, informed Sachdeva. The recent back to back trade delegations would usher in a new era of mutual buoyancy to expand their areas of mutual co-operation, which now remains premised on their new mantra of mutual accommodation and mutual benefit. “The aim”, said Sachdeva, “is to build people to people (P2P) connect and then from people to P2P to B2B relations. “Being a part of the integrated approach towards better trade ties, such interactions play the role of a catalyst”, said Sacdeva, “And these efforts have to be continuous, rigorous and regular”, stressed Sachdeva. Dalip Sharma, Regional Director, PHD Chamber said, “The potential gains from the increased bilateral co- operation between India and Pakistan are immense. More flexible issuing of visas, rupee trade and better customs procedures can enhance the scope for trade.” “Perseverance in improving and sustaining better bilateral trade ties shall make trade a front runner over other issues,” said Sharma. Sharma said, “PHD Chamber organized two Indo- Pak International Trade Expos (IPEX), one at Jalandhar and the other at Ludhiana in February and March, 2013 respectively besides having organized seven consecutive Punjab International Trade Expos (PITEX) at Amritsar each year.” To further the PHD Chamber resolve, Sharma informed “In the upcoming PITEX, 2013 scheduled for 5th to 9th December, 2013, we are expecting the biggest ever delegation from Pakistan which would include delegations from various Pakistani Chambers of trade, commerce and industry.”



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