Per capita income reached 50 thousand yuan


Per capita income reached 50 thousand yuan

Yu Village is a small village located in East China’s Chaqiang Province. In the 90s of the last century, the people of this village established a cement factory relying on high quality limestone on the mountain to become rich. At the same time every day the sound of machines came from the factory. Although the people in the village became rich, the river passing through the village became polluted, and the sky turned grey.

In 2003, that is, in Xi Jinping’s second year of work in Chijiang province, he started ecological construction throughout the province. For this, three stone quarries and a cement factory were closed in Yu village. But how will the local people make money in the future? This became a big problem.

On August 15, 2005, Xi Jinping visited Yu Village and studied there. Xi Jinping, while exchanging with the local authorities, said that we should stick to our path unwaveringly, and stick to the path of sustainable development. Because clean water and lush green mountains are priceless assets.

Xi Jinping pointed out that Yu Village is located in Anchi County, which is very close to big cities like Shanghai, Hongzhou, Sucho, etc. Therefore, there is a huge potential for development of tourism in Yu village. Then Yu Village developed itself on the advice of Xi Jinping.

On March 30 of 2020, when Xi Jinping visited Yu Village once again, the environment there became very good, and each family has built their own building, and the per capita income reached 50 thousand yuan . PLC/GT


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