Haryana Home Minister, Anil Vij said that the false secular face of Congress has come out in the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ and an attempt has been made to bring out the truth through the film, this truth should be known to the people.

On Wednesday afternoon, Home Minister Sh. Anil Vij interacting with the media after watching the film at Glaxy Mall in Ambala city.

He said that an attempt has been made to show the truth in the film Kashmir Files and the false secular face of the Congress government.  He said that the way Kashmiri Pandits were thrown out of Kashmir at that time, it happened during the time of Congress government.  At that time, the responsibility of protecting Kashmiri Pandits and other people was made by the government of that time.  He told how unarmed people were thrown out of their homes on the basis of weapons and killed.  Sh. Vij said that this is such a truth that people should know and this truth is being shown through this film.

Story of tyranny on Kashmiri Pandits in the film – Vij
Significantly, the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ tells the true story of the brutality suffered by Kashmiri Pandits during the Kashmir insurgency in 1990.  This is a true story, based on video interviews of Kashmiri Pandit community victims.  It is a heart-wrenching narration of the pain, suffering, struggle and trauma of Kashmiri Pandits.


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