In astrology, Tithi, Nakshatra, planets etc all have special importance. Tithi and Nakshatra together make many auspicious and inauspicious yogas. (Paush Purnima 2023) A total of 16 dates have been mentioned in the Panchang. Of these, the date from Pratipada to Chaturdashi remains the same in both the sides (Shukla and Krishna). The last date of Shukla Paksha is called Purnima. Lord of this date is Chandradev. This time the first full moon date of the year 2023 is on January 6, Friday. This is the full moon of Paush month. Know further which auspicious yogas are being made on this date and the measures to be taken on this day.

This auspicious yoga will be made on Paush Purnima
According to the Panchang, the full moon date of the month of Paush will be from 02:14 on the night of January 5 to 04:37 on the night of January 06. Since both the sunrise and moonrise of Purnima Tithi will be on January 6, Purnima Tithi will be considered on this day only. On this day, the auspicious yoga named Padma, Brahma and Indra will remain throughout the day. Due to these auspicious yogas, the importance of this date has increased even more. Due to full moon on Friday, this day will be very auspicious for worshiping Goddess Lakshmi. Know further what measures should be taken to please Goddess Lakshmi on this day.

remedy 1
Worship Goddess Lakshmi in the auspicious yoga of Friday and full moon. Offer red clothes, bangles etc. and light a lamp of pure ghee. If possible, keep a fast on this day and after the moon rises in the evening, first offer Kheer to Goddess Lakshmi. Then eat yourself.

remedy 2
On January 6, in auspicious yoga, keep the idol of Goddess Lakshmi in a wide utensil and anoint it with cow’s milk. With this remedy, the sum of money and profit is made. If possible, do this remedy in the morning and after that offer the milk used in Abhishek to Peepal tree. Your problems can go away in no time.

remedy 3
Many mantras have been composed to please Goddess Lakshmi. These mantras should be chanted with rhinestone beads. But before that worship Goddess Lakshmi. These are some mantras of Goddess Lakshmi-
– Om Shree Hree Kleem Shree Siddha Lakshmyai Namah:
– Om Dhanay Namah:
– Om Shree Hree Shree Kamle Kamlalaye Prasid Prasid Shree Hree Shree Om Mahalakshmi Namah

measure 4
According to astrology, happiness and wealth are attained in life only when the planet Venus is auspicious. In the auspicious yoga of Friday and full moon, things related to Venus should be donated like rice, milk, white clothes etc. Donating these things to the needy brings auspicious results related to the planet Venus and increases happiness and prosperity in life.


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