Patriotic Curriculum is giving strength to children to be successful in life, besides making them staunch patriots: Manish Sisodia

Through the patriotic curriculum in the schools of Kejriwal government, the children are not only becoming staunch patriots, but through this course they are getting inspired to choose their career and work hard to achieve it. Also, with the help of the curriculum, children are learning to love their country, its people, its resources. Continuing the series of observing these changes in the children and observing the various activities going on under the Patriotic Curriculum, on Friday, Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia visited Sarvodaya Co-Ed Vidyalaya No.3, Palam for the patriotic classes. On this occasion, Mr. Sisodia said that the patriotic curriculum is inculcating the spirit of doing something for the country in our children as well as in our schools. With the help of patriotic curriculum, students of class 11th-12th are getting the motivation to choose their career and work hard to get success in it. He said that, “The children say that the patriotic class is giving them inspiration to prepare for the exam and work diligently on their career.” The Patriotic Curriculum is giving the children the strength to succeed in life by making them staunch patriots.

Sharing their experiences related to the Patriotic course with the Deputy Chief Minister during the visit, the children said that the Patriotic curriculum has taught them to be responsible citizens as well as focus on their future goals.
During the discussion, Pushpa, a student of class 11, said that class 11 is such a class from where we start thinking about our career and start working on it. In such a situation, the Patriotic course has taught me to work hard for my career, fulfill my dreams. I read in Patriotic course how our freedom fighters dreamed of making India free and fulfilled that dream even by sacrificing their lives. It inspires me that I can also fulfill my dreams by working hard. Another student Aditya shared his experience and said that, in class 11th-12th, we start thinking that doctors, engineers, teachers, software Become a Professional, Entrepreneur etc. To fulfill these career aspirations, we start working hard for our own growth. But the Patriotic Curriculum has taught us how we can work for the progress of the country by adding the country to our profession along with our own progress.

The patriotic curriculum has been started from Nursery to 12th in Kejriwal government’s schools. It is a unique course in itself which is beyond the bounds of books and examinations. This entire course has been designed based on the thinking understanding and mindset of the student. Where they talk to people, talk to their friends, look inside themselves and find the answer to the question, what is patriotism? What does country mean in their lives? This curriculum does not limit patriotism to selective definitions, so there is no fixed material or rule to learn this course, rather children come out of the boundaries of their home, school, build themselves on the basis of their experiences, real life events. Let us try to know the meaning of patriotism. This curriculum gives children a chance to know themselves along with patriotism as the curriculum promotes self-reflection .PLC/GT


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