In its first case of organ donation, the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre has been able to sensitize the family of a brain dead patient to make a difference in other lives even in loss.

The large hearted family agreed. Due to the donation of the kidneys from the patient at ISIC, lives of two other patients, Surendra Kumar (35) at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, and Laxmi (40) at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, were saved.

New Delhi,    

Two unrelated lives, Surendra Kumar (35) and Laxmi (40), were hanging in the hopes of finding a kidney donor at two different Delhi hospitals. The two patients were suffering from chronic kidney diseases and were at advanced stages of the ailment. While the patients and their families were waiting for help, a different story was being scripted in another part of the national capital.

Doctors at the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, in yet another effort to make a difference, successfully convinced the family of a brain dead patient to donate his organs. Earlier this month, the donation made transplant possible for the two patients, Surendra and Laxmi, who were waiting for a donor in Ram Manohar Lohia and in All India Institute of Medical Sciences, respectively.

“At the outset, we pay our deep condolences and heartfelt gratitude to the patient’s relatives for their noble endeavour and pray for the departed soul to rest in peace. As a responsible healthcare provider, it is our one of the focus areas to engage more people for the noble cause of organ donation. Of all organs, over 2 lakh people in India await kidney transplant; today the large heartedness of one of our patients’ family has saved two of these lives. This is the first organ donation managed by ISIC, and we aim to work more compassionately and passionately to further the cause,” said Dr. A.  K. Sahani, HOD, Department of Neurology, ISIC.

In this case, two kidneys were harvested from the patient.  One of each was shared for transplant with Laxmi and Surendra. The entire organ donation process was conducted in coordination with Organ Donation Network Team, Government of Delhi & NCR.

The lives of many patients are hanging on the strings of hope that someone will be ready to donate their organs so that they can live a complete life. Hospitals and healthcare facilities have a major role in spreading awareness and education on organ donation and convincing families and patients to partake in the noble cause.

“It is the duty of every responsible citizen of India to encourage more people to get registered as organ donors and make India a better and healthy place for living. Lack of proper education to the attendants of a brain dead patient and lack of awareness among general public are key reasons behind the low organ donation rate in India. It will be our continued focus to spread more awareness on organ donation,” said Dr H S Chhabra’ Chief of Spine Service & Medical Director, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre


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