Passengers please pay attention or else you may have to pay Rs.50 service charge on tea worth Rs.20

Now you will not have to pay 50 service charge for buying tea worth Rs 20 in premium train. Railway Board has issued a circular to IRCTC saying that the service charge levied on tea and water in premium trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Vande Bharat will be stopped. The old system will be applicable for ordering breakfast and dinner in premium trains. An additional service charge of Rs 50 will have to be paid on food orders.

Recently, in the Shatabdi Express going from Bhopal to Delhi, a passenger had made the photo of his bill viral on social media in the case of collecting Rs 50 tax by buying tea worth Rs 20. There was a lot of criticism after which the board has issued a new order. Significantly, five Rajdhani Express trains are operated from Rani Kamalapati Railway Station via Bangalore, Chennai, Bilaspur, Nagpur. Apart from this, every day Shatabdi Express from Delhi arrives and returns from Kamlapati railway station at 3 pm. At present, services of Vande Bharat and Duronto Express are not available to Bhopal.

Railway Board made this arrangement
The Railway Board has said that according to the rules, the catering service is not opted for during ticket booking in these trains and only if the passenger orders something during the journey, Rs 50 will be charged as service charge. Passengers pay the catering service charge at the time of booking the ticket, so they do not have to pay any charges during the journey.

The Railway Board said that the service charge has been waived only on tea and water. If the catering service is not availed during ticket booking, then a separate service charge of Rs 50 will be levied on ordering breakfast, lunch and dinner. Passengers who accept this service during ticket booking will be saved from this charge. Morning tea charges will now be same for both the categories of passengers.

In trains like Rajdhani, Duronto, Shatabdi and Vande Bharat, there is a separate service charge for tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is included with GST. If a train is running late, then the charges for all types of food items will be same for both the categories of passengers. PLC/GT


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