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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

Participants’ ‘city knowledge’ tested in chandigarh treasure league

Chandigarh Treasure LeagueKulbir Singh Kalsi, INVC, Chandigarh, The Chandigarh Treasure League’s (CTL) third edition get off to a colourful start with releasing of Sky Lanterns and an Army band in attendance, as nearly 300 participants representing 100 teams came out in their vehicles to scorch Chandigarh roads on a sleepy Sunday morning. The format of CTL is that teams of 3-4 people are flagged off in their respective cars after giving them a clue of a stopover. The team has to crack the clues and reach the location where a further clue is given. The team that deciphers all clues and finishes the hunt in the least possible time wins the hunt. This year’s CTL had 15 clues given by as many volunteers stationed at different places. Says Mr. Ankush Arora, President, CTL, “We Chandigarhians, are very proud and in awe of this city. Drills like the treasure hunt just help in knowing the city better. Every year, the team at CTL tries its best to include in the hunt various little known & undiscovered places of the city, solely to familiarize its participants more with this wonder city.” It is noteworthy that CTL is a Not-For-Profit-Outfit. It recruits youth & enables them to channelize their time and talent in a most effective manner to organize the mega event of CTL. CTL makes youth and residents of Chandigarh use their abilities of logic and deduction to successfully complete the hunt. Says CTL’s dynamic Vice President, Ms. Mishika Chaudhary, “Our team of youngsters strives to put in place a well organized event so that participants enjoy the drive in their cars, as they interpret the given clues. The objective is to have fun and of course charity.” The expenses of the event are met in kind, some contributions from corporate houses, individuals etc. are also taken.  The funds that are leftover after taking care of expenses are then donated to the less fortunate members of society & the underprivileged. This year, Help-age India was chosen by the organization for giving a donation. It is interesting to note that the group that organizes CTL is a motley collection of go getter young girls and boys who by and large have already set up their ventures or are working towards this aim. Sums up Prinkle Singla, another member of the CTL team, “The Treasure League has been a hit ever since its inception because of all the excitement associated with it.”



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