Saturday, May 30th, 2020

Parmanu widely appreciated for its flawless vfx work by prime focus


Mumbai , With Parnuma’s release on 25th May, 2018, the movie is being widely appreciated for the way it has beautifully portrayed the story of India’s first nuclear test that was conducted in the region of Pokhran. Along with winning appreciation, the movie is also being spoken about for its flawless VFX work carried out by Prime Focus Limited, the world’s largest independent integrated media powerhouse. Keith Devlin, VFX Supervisor, Prime Focus who helmed the project shared how Parmanu’s director – Abhishek Sharma was apprehensive about VFX given his past experiences. “Abhishek Sharma had been unhappy with the quality of the vfx work carried out on his previous films and was uneasy using VFX again. So, I spent time explaining how the techniques and methodology would work in harmony with his live action shoot and not prove to be cumbersome and convoluted in the tough locations we would be using.” He went on to reveal little-known and surprising facts about that depict the seamless VFX work carried out by the Prime Focus team. Speaking about most crucial elements in the movie, actually being CGI, Kevin Devlin said, “A lot of the military hardware depicted in the film no longer exists or is still classified. The nuclear transport trucks are cgi on top of stand in dumper trucks, we used the stand-ins to allow for better staging on set and to get the right ground contact with the correct sized wheelbase. This worked so well in terms of providing animation and lighting reference to the artists as well as allowing correct staging on set that I seriously doubt anyone would ever realise that the trucks are fully CGI.” He went on to add that the transport aircraft was CGI and even the major blast sequence was mainly CGI work. He shared, “There are a lot of VFX shots in Parmanu that most people will not notice. I’m quite happy about this and firmly believe good VFX work should be un-noticed by the audience. They should just be watching the movie and the VFX should seamlessly form part of the cinematography.”



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