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Sunday, June 20th, 2021

Parkash Badal Remind Sikh Riots

Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal addressing media persons during a press conferenceINVC, Ludhiana, Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Parkash Singh Badal today dared the Congress led UPA government at the centre to desist from meddling in the social, political, economic and religious affairs of the state.  Addressing an impressive gathering during the state level function to mark the observance of martyrdom day of great revolutionary Shaheed Karnail Singh Issru, who laid down his life during the liberation of Goa from Portuguese regime here today at his native village, the Chief Minister said that we the Punjabis inherited the spirit of sacrifice from the great Sikh Gurus especially Sri Guru Arjun Dev and Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji who made supreme sacrifice against the tyranny unleashed by the Mughals, for the sake of humanity and righteousness (Dharma). Likewise he said that the tenth master of Sikhs, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji epitomized the concept of self sacrifice by sacrificing his entire family for the mankind. Mr. Badal said that this legacy of self sacrifice perpetuated from one generation to other and was one of the major factors reflective of Punjab’s enormous contribution in the national freedom struggle.   The Chief Minister said that it was on record that Punjabis despite having two percent of country’s total population had made huge sacrifices in terms of life imprisonment, capital punishment and even exile in captivity (Kalepaani). He said that several watershed movements associated with the Indian freedom struggle were spearheaded from Punjab by the valiant patriots and freedom fighters. Mr. Badal said that the enormous contribution of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Udham Singh, Kartar Singh Sarabha, Lala Rajpat Rai and several others would continue to inspire our younger generations to imbibe the spirit of patriotism amongst them.  Taking Congress to cudgels, the Chief Minister said that the Congress has always tried to exploit the peaceful atmosphere in Punjab in one way or the other. Citing few instances of Congress leadership’s high handedness in divesting the state from its legitimate share in river waters, capital, Punjabi speaking areas and even going to an extent of unpardonable act of attacking Sri Harmandir Sahib, Mr. Badal said that Congress further rubbed salt into the wounds of the Sikhs thereby tormenting their psyche by shielding the perpetrators of 1984 anti-Sikh riots. He categorically asked the Congress to understand clearly that Sikhs won’t tolerate such type of interference in their day-to-day affairs anymore.

Silencing the state Congress leadership for making unwarranted hype over the central grants for state government projects and schemes, the Chief Minister said that the Government of India (GoI) was not doling out anything special or extraordinary rather it was our right from the huge amount collected by it on account of Income Tax and Central Excise. He clarified that out of 70% Centre merely repaid about 30% which was nothing but a sheer exploitation of states at the hands of centre. Mr. Badal reminded the distressed peasantry of the state saying, “Had we not come to your rescue by subsidizing your agriculture power bills to the tune of Rs 5000 crore per annum and other subsidies in terms of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, for God forbidden you would had been completely vanished”. At the same time he said’ “We had not done any favor to you rather it was obligatory on our part to bail you out in this hour of crisis due to dwindling profits in wake of ever escalating cost of farm inputs”.  The Chief Minister said that our government had made rapid strides in the field of education, healthcare and infra structure as we are committed to improve the quality of life of the people residing in urban and rural areas. He reiterated that the state government would continue its endeavor to ameliorate the lot of underprivileged sections of society by taking pro-people initiatives as social security to instill a sense of confidence and trust amongst them. Mr. Badal also announced to double the number of beneficiaries of Atta- Dal scheme from existing 16 lakh to 32 lakh. Earlier the Chief Minister paid floral tributes the statue of Shaheed Karnail Singh Issru in the village. He also honored widow of Shaheed Issru, Mrs. Charanjeet Kaur on the occasion. Paying tributes to Shaheed Karnail Singh Issru, the Revenue, Information and Public Relation Minister Mr. Bikram Singh Majithia said that the Congress leadership has been fully exposed before the people for its hypocrisy and now they should be ready to face the music in the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls as the people had already made up their mind to throw them out of power. He said the nine and a half years tenure of Congress led UPA government at centre was nothing but a period of ‘misrule’ and ‘mistrust’ reverberated with scams and scandals. Mr. Majithia categorically said that the eight Congress MPs out of 13 from the state never played a constructive role for getting any project or scheme, sanctioned from centre rather put hurdles in the way of schemes/ projects got sanctioned by the Chief Minister Mr. Parkash Singh Badal.  The Cabinet Minister criticized Union Ministers Mr. Manish Tiwari and Mrs. Santosh Chaudhary for indulging in mudslinging over the pro-people schemes and initiatives taken by the state government. He said it would had been better if Mr. Tiwari had got some package for Ludhiana industry instead of launching FM Gold Radio station being an MP from there- the Manchester of India. Likewise Mr. Majithia also expected off Mrs. Chaudhary to come up with some viable Health project or scheme for the welfare of people of the state being an MP from Hoshiarpur adding he said such initiatives could never be expected from Congress leadership as they were self centred and always kept their vested interest before the service to state.  The Cabinet Minister said the PPCC President Mr. Partap Singh Bajwa was playing dirty politics thereby sacrificing the interests of state on regional lines. He blamed Mr. Bajwa for his myopic outlook for the development of state as he instead of seeking industrial package for the entire state demanded it only for Majha region, which clearly pointed that he was least bothered about the development and prosperity of the state rather crystallizing his efforts to strengthen his vote bank in his region.  Earlier the former MLA Mr. Ranjit Singh Talwandi welcomed the Chief Minister and highlighted the problems of the region. He demanded for the upgradation of infra structure in Industrial Focal point and Asia’s largest Grain Market at Khanna. Prominent amongst those present on the occasion Advisor to Chief Minister Mr. Mahesh Inder Singh Grewal, MLAs Mr. Manpreet Singh Aiyali and Justice Nirmal Singh, former MLAs Mr. Inder Iqbal Singh Atwal, Mr. Jagjeewan Singh Khirnia, Chairman Punjab State Subordinate Services Selection Board Jathedar Santa Singh Umedpuri and former MP Mrs. Satwant Kaur Dhaliwal.    



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