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Friday, October 30th, 2020

Parents should become friends of their children: Chouhan

Chauhan-Teaching-ChildrenINVC NEWS Bhopal, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that parents should become friends of their children. They should teach their kids with love. Madhya Pradesh government is making efforts to reduce the burden of bags of children. Changes are being made in the teaching methods. Shri Chouhan was addressing a gathering today at the state-level “Mil-Banche Madhya Pradesh” organized at Samanvay Bhavan. School Education Minister Shri Vijay Shah was also present during the programme. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that life is a festival and children are the most valuable gifts of God. The time spent with children is most beautiful. It is the duty of the society and us to help them move ahead and nurture them. Parents should give time to their children and understand their sentiments. They are our future and in no situation should they be made to feel complexed or frustrated. Parents are the first guru of their children. It is very important for children to have open dialogues with their parents for their integrated development. Children who have fear cannot develop naturally. Knowledge is must but cramming is not:  The Chief Minister said that there are three objectives of education, giving knowledge, skill and culture of citizenship. Quoting Shankaracharya he said that education is what shows the path of living. Swami Vivekanand said that education is what makes one a human. It is imparting acquired knowledge from one generation to another generation. Knowledge is must but cramming is not. It is essential to implement one’s knowledge in one’s behaviour. He told the children that one’s image depends on one’s behavior. If you think good thoughts, so shall you become. It is the duty of the teachers and parents to identify the natural qualities of their children and encourage them. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan remembered his teacher Shri Ratanchand Jain at Jait village who had taught him to be a good human being. He said that children should not be fearful but enjoy coming to school. The country needs citizens with good qualities. Every person should work honestly. Society should connect to improve education system:  CM Shri Chouhan greeted the 2 lakh 15 thousand volunteers of Mil Banche Madhya Pradesh for connecting with the campaign. If the society connects the education system will improve. Mil Banche Madhya Pradesh is a collective responsibility of the state. He said that games are important for natural development. Efforts would be made to ensure that every school has a sports ground. Children should give the best display of their talents to make the world a better place. The Medhavi Vidyarthi Protsahan Yojana has been introduced for the education of outstanding students of the state. In this the state government will pay the fees for higher education of the outstanding students. He told them to resolve to make every school better and contribute in building a new golden Madhya Pradesh. Welcoming the children at the programme, CM Shri Chouhan presented them with inspirational books. He said that children should be welcomed in a programme meant for them. School Education Minister Shri Shah said that 30,000 people gave gifts for various facilities in government schools. School Education Department has initiated the practice of presenting books instead of the usual bouquets. Now books will be presented in all programmes organized in the schools. The national flag will be hoisted after the national song in every school with Class VI- XII every day. Children are being persuaded to use their books with care and pass on to other students next year. The seating arrangement in schools will now be based on rotation. He urged people to visit government schools in their vicinity atleast once a month. Principal Secretary School Education Smt. Dipti Gaud Mukherji gave details of the programme. She told that 2 lakh 15 thousand volunteers have been registered for the Mil Banche Madhya Pradesh campaign 76 per cent of whom are non-government volunteers. Out of these 33 thousand volunteers have given their approval to attend the Bal Sabha to be held in the schools every Saturday. Winners of Kahani Utsav awarded:  Winning students and teachers of the state- level Kahani Utsav were awarded by Chief Minister Shri Chouhan at the programme. Among students, Master Bhupendra Yadav of Khargone district won the first prize, Master Shubham Choudhury of Ujjain district won the second prize and Ku. Elena of Sehore district won the third prize. Among teachers, Ku. Neha Dubey of Badwani district won the first prize, Shri Pradeep Soni of Raisen district the second prize and Shri Neeraj Jain of Datia district won the third prize. Winner from Primary School, Behrampur (Khargone) in the Kahani Utsav, Master Bhupendra Yadav narrated his story titled “Dharti tootne wali hai” in a very attractive style. Ku. Muskan Ahirwar of Bhopal was awarded for starting a reading room in a slum area. ‘Gullak’ – a collection of writings narrated furing Bal Sabhas in schools was released on the occasion. Winner of Junior Maths Olympiad from Rewa, Ku. Monika Singh and Bhind’s Shivam Jain and winner of Junior Science Olympiad from Rewa Kaju Patel and Rewa’s Ku. Monika Singh were also awarded. CM Shri Chouhan honoured Shri Himanshu Tanwar (Judo), Ku. Shivani Bariya (Wushu), Ku. Rajni Pushpak (Archery) and Ku. Kiran Meena (Karate) for winning gold medal at the national level. A symbolic resolve was made for improvement in quality of education on behalf of Government Primary School Kagdipura of Dhar district for the Shala Siddhi Karyakram during the programme. Five teachers were presented with laptops under the programme being organized for preparing an interesting course under Sports Project. This project will be implemented with the support of IIT Mumbai, Kanpur and Idea company. CM Shri Chouhan inaugurated the portal of Pranam Pathshala-Vidyalaya Uphar Yojana. Through this portal, any citizen can select schools of their choice and present gifts. CM Shri Chouhan selected a school through the portal and distributed 1,200 books. Among those present on the occasion were Retired IAS Officer and IIT Mumbai Visiting Faculty Smt. Amita Sharma and children and teachers in a large number. Director Rajya Shiksha Kendra Shri Lokesh Jatav proposed the vote of thanks.



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