Haryana Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal said that farmers who are also called ‘Annadata’ of the country certainly  hold a prominent place in the society. There is a sense of respect in the society for farmers but a handful of people who call themselves as farmers and are agitating have actually defamed the true farmers.

        The Chief Minister while addressing a press conference here today said that because of these politically motivated so-called farmers, businesses of the people living in the nearby villages and towns have been stalled as they have blocked the roads in the name of farmers’ agitation.

        He said that the people from nearby Panchayats are visiting protesting sites to hold positive talks with those protesting there and are urging to clear the roads blocked by them so that they can restart their businesses which are currently unoperational due to blockades done by the protesters.

        The Chief Minister urged those protesting to open the blockade. He said that unfortunately many tragic incidents being reported at the protest site are a matter of concern.  Condemning such acts, he said, “Any act done in an undemocratic manner is highly condemnable.”

        Describing the new Agricultural Laws as farmer-friendly, the Chief Minister said that with the implementation of these Laws, farmers would have the freedom to sell their crops in the Mandi or open market as per their choice.  This time farmers in Haryana have earned more profit by selling mustard crops in the open market by getting a higher price than the MSP.

        He said that both the Central and Haryana government have implemented many schemes for the benefit of the farmers. Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana is also a big step taken for ensuring the economic prosperity of the farmers.

Divulging details about various schemes being run in the interest of farmers, the Chief Minister shared that a subsidy is provided to the farmers on purchasing seeds of various crops under which, a subsidy of Rs. 1000 per quintal is provided each on wheat and paddy. While subsidy amount of Rs 1500 each is provided on barley and millet. Likewise an amount of Rs. 4000 each is provided on mustard and rapeseed and an amount of Rs. 2500 is provided on gram and pulses.

        He said that if a farmer buys agricultural machinery, 50 percent subsidy is provided to them and if the machinery is bought by a group of farmers, then an 80 percent subsidy is given to them, while 70 percent subsidy is given on urea.

        Interest-free loans are made available from banks for the purchase of milch for setting up a dairy. Under the Scheduled Caste Special Scheme, 50 percent grant is given for setting up dairy having a minimum of three animals, pig and sheep rearing units, said the Chief Minister.

        He informed that farmers are provided interest-free loans up to Rs 3 lakh for agricultural purposes. A grant of up to Rs 7 lakh is being given for the construction of water harvesting ponds for irrigation. An amount of Rs. 10,000 per acre, upto a maximum of Rs 60,000 per farmer, is given for laying underground pipelines for irrigation, he added.

        The Chief Minister further shared that under the sprinkler irrigation system, 85 percent subsidy is given to the farmers. Besides this, 50 percent subsidy is being given on battery-operated spray pumps and a 75 percent subsidy is being given for installation of solar pumps, he added.

        The Chief Minister said that a subsidy of Rs 20,000 per acre is being given for planting mango, guava and citrus fruit orchards. With, this electricity used in the farm fields is provided at a nominal rate of 10 paise units, he shared.

        The Chief Minister informed that in case of crop damage due to any natural calamity, compensation of Rs 12,000 per acre is given. Besides this, 40 percent subsidy is being given on mushroom cultivation and 50 percent subsidy is being given to farmers to prepare hybrid vegetable seedlings, while 65 percent subsidy is being given on vertical farming, he said.

        The Chief Minister said that to promote beekeeping, 85 percent subsidy is being given on the purchase of bee boxes and 75 percent on the purchase of equipment.

        Under the ‘Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana’, annual assistance of Rs 6000 is being provided to the eligible small and marginal farmer families in three installments which is deposited directly in the bank accounts. Under this scheme, so far Rs 2594 crore has been deposited in the accounts of 19.42 lakh farmers of Haryana, he shared.


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