Vastu tips for painting placement
Vastu tips for painting placement

Brief – : Discover the art of inviting prosperity into your home! Explore the impact of Vastu-compliant paintings, from the galloping horses symbolizing fortune to the serene waterfall paintings fostering tranquility. Transform your living space with positive energies and unlock the secrets to a harmonious life.

Enhancing Home Energies: Vastu Tips for Paintings in Different Spaces

Are you seeking to infuse positivity and prosperity into your home ambiance? The strategic placement of paintings can significantly impact the energies within your living space. Let’s explore the Vastu tips for various paintings that could enhance the vibes in different areas of your home.

1. Horse Paintings

According to Vastu Shastra, horse paintings symbolize fortune, career growth, marriage, and joy. Placing seven galloping horses’ paintings in your home could positively influence your financial situation. Additionally, eight horses’ paintings can bring luck to the inhabitants. Ideally, these paintings should adorn the walls of the north or east-facing hallways.

2. Fish Paintings

Fish paintings represent balance and harmony according to Vastu and Feng Shui principles. When placed in the western part of the house, it aligns with favorable planetary positions, inviting prosperity and new opportunities. If you’ve been facing a prolonged job search or financial issues, incorporating fish paintings in your home could attract new career prospects.

3. Radha Krishna Paintings

The depiction of Radha and Krishna can be placed in any room of the house, especially on the northern walls. This placement attracts peace and prosperity. When positioned in the bedroom, it fosters a sweeter love life, resolving relationship tensions and promoting affection among family members.

4. Owl Paintings

In Vastu and astrology, animals often symbolize various aspects of life. The white owl signifies change and wisdom. Placing this painting in the south-facing walls of your hallway, office, or children’s bedroom can symbolize luck and intelligence. This positioning tends to attract prosperity and a brighter outlook on life.

5. Waterfall Paintings

Waterfall paintings tend to draw in positive energy, fostering tranquility within the home environment. Placing these paintings on the north wall of your hallways could invite peace and harmony. Additionally, they are believed to usher in luck, wealth, and opportunities for progress.

The placement of these paintings according to Vastu principles can positively influence the energies within your living space, enriching your life with harmony and prosperity. Embrace these tips to infuse your home with positivity and foster a more vibrant atmosphere!


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