Paying tribute to the legendary singers and figures is the well defined custom since ages and there are numerous counts of songs to this list. Adding to this list, Padma Shri honoured Vikramjit Sahney paid tribute to legendary singer Asa Singh Mastana with his latest song ‘Sajna Vi Tur Jana’ which is based on Mastana’s song “Jadon Meri Arthi”.


After the roaring success of ‘Tu Hi Ik Tu’ sung by Vikramjit Sahney, International President of World Punjabi Organization along with renowned singer Jyoti Noorah has crossed 10 million views. Vikramjit Sahney released another song “Sajna Vi Tur Jana” on 28th November 2021 at  V Punjabis Records Label.


The video of the song is directed by Ms Pooja Gujral and composed by Pt Shivram. The voice of Vikram Sahney has given complete justification to the words penned by Parkash Sathi. 


On this occasion Vikramjit Sahney quoted “It is my proud privilege to pay tribute to Asa Singh Mastana and promote the rich cultural folk and heritage of Punjab through rich music and tradition.”



Pooja Gujral has amplified the music by her vision of direction as the stage designed by her for “Tu Hi Ik Tu’ and ‘Sajna Vi Tur Jana’ enhances the true spirit of the song by each and every element used in the designing and direction. It has a magical essence to embed you wholly in that song. 


The song was released on the YouTube channel of V Punjabis Records on 28th November 2021.


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