Monday, July 6th, 2020

Other parties are unhappy with his campaign in the state : Narendra Modi

Scam Haryana to Skill HaryanaVikram Rajput, Sonipat , INVC, The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, addressed an election rally in Sonipat today, He said the kind of support he is witnessing across the state of Haryana, is even more than what he saw during the Lok Sabha elections. He said the forthcoming election is one that will determine the future of Haryana. He said a few families had been ruling Haryana for long, and had not contributed to the development of the state.He said other parties are unhappy with his campaign in the state, because they have seen the kind of support he has been receiving  from people. He said public life has some values and traditions, and all should abide by them. He said Delhi and Sonipat could be connected by metro. The Prime Minister said today there was a new respect across the world for India. This was due to the decisive mandate given to the Union Government by 125 crore Indians. He said if the people wanted Haryana to make a name on the world stage, then a stable state government (with full BJP majority), was necessary.



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