Sunday, April 5th, 2020

Oswal Family Feud : Daughter-in-law files criminal complaint against mother-in-law for getting back her Stridhan.


New Delhi , Radhika Oswal, wife of Pankaj Oswal filed a criminal complaint for breach of trust against her own mother-in-law Aruna Oswal for not returning the jewellery and marriage gifts article which are part of her Stridhan. Pankaj Oswal is eldest son of industrialist late sh. Abhey Kumar Oswal who died intestate in March 2016. After his death a family dispute arose between mother Aruna Oswal and son Pankaj Oswal for which a partition suit is pending before the Delhi High Court. Pankaj and Radhika got married in the year 1997 in New Delhi after which they established their own business and got settled abroad. Under the criminal complaint filed in Patiala House Court, Radhika submitted that the relationship between the family members were cordial and there was no reason for her to take abroad all her precious belongings at that stage, so she left all her Stridhan and gift articles in her matrimonial home under custody of her parents in law (Mrs.  Aruna Oswal, Mr Abhey Kumar Oswal) and brother in law Mr. Shaelendra Oswal. However, after the death of her father-in-law, she requested her mother in law Mrs. Aruna Oswal, and brother in law Mr. Shaelendra Oswal to return her Stridhan and other gifts, which were kept by her within the trusted relationship at the time when she shifted abroad. In her complaint Radhika Oswal alleged that Mrs. Aruna Oswal along with Mr. Shaelendra Oswal have dishonestly refused to return her stridhan over which they have total dominion, and which were entrusted to them with a clear obligation to return when she needed them. However, Mrs. Aruna Oswal and Mr. Shaelendra Oswal, with a clearly dishonest intent refused to return the same and further said to her that there is nothing belonging to her in this house and she will not get anything. Therefore, for the said offences she firstly filed police complaint with Tilak Marg, Police Station, New Delhi under section 406/120B, 506 IPC, but since the police failed to take any action on her complaint, Radhika was constraint to file a criminal complaint under section 156 (3) of Cr.P.C. before the Magistrate court seeking registration of FIR for protecting her stridhan and gifts articles worth several crores lying in the illegal possession of Mrs. Aruna Oswal and Mr. Shaelendra Oswal. Radhika said she trust the judicial system of the country and expect the court will order local police to investigate the matter in free & fair manner to get back her stridhan.



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