Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

Organic Ice-Creams Gaining Popularity in the US over rising Health Conscious Population


New Delhi, Health is winning over taste in the present days when consumers are not keen for frozen gelatine products whereas looking for organic content in the food and this is directly impacting ice-cream sales in the US. Health concerns have given birth to gelatine free, natural flavours ice cream. Take home followed by bulk ice cream demand is higher in the market and holds largest share together registering a CAGR of 2.7% during 2011-2016. These segments are expected to register fastest growth in coming five years period. Also, on-trade transactions showed greater contribution accounting for more than three-fourth of share in the distribution of Ice Cream products in the country. In terms of demand by age group kids and elderly account for more than half of the market share. Ice-creams have become essential part of desserts which is supporting the market growth despite of the health concerns. Natural flavour ice-creams have eliminated the concern of sugar and harmful ingredients. Plant based ice-cream is a new segment which is gaining popularity. Plant based ice-cream is a new and unexplored segment which is gaining popularity in the US. According to a study, the US is a leading ice-cream consuming state worldwide with an average per capita consumption of nearly 30 liters in a year. According to the research report marketed by Ken Research “Country Profile: Ice Cream Sector in the US”, organic ice-creams are benefiting from the trend of natural ingredients in ice-creams. Also technological advancements in cold storage infrastructure and transportation are also supporting the demand of low fat natural ice-creams in the US. In terms of flavours, vanilla top the list which highest on demand flavour accounting for almost one fourth share of the overall ice cream demand. Growing spending power and culture of small gatherings has given birth to structured ice-cream market demand. Key Topics Covered in the Report Global Ice Cream Market Revenue US Ice Cream Consumption Volume US Ice Market Size US Ice Cream Market Future Outlook Major Ice Cream Players in the US US Organic Ice Cream Market Natural Flavours Ice Cream Demand in the US US Ice Cream Warehouses Demand Take Home Ice Cream Demand in US Bulk Ice Cream Market in the US Beyond Better Foods LLC Market Share Dairy Farmers of America Inc Market Share Bella Gelato Company Market Revenue The Hershey Company Market Revenue



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