Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

Orders have been issued


The Haryana Minister of State for Sports and Youth Affairs, Mr Sandeep Singh said that from now onward, checking would be conducted in all sports stadia’s in the State regarding the training being imparted to the sports persons. For this, a special flying team would be constituted.

          Mr Sandeep Singh was interacting with the media persons after the International Gita Mahotsav Run- 2019 (IGM Run-2019) organized by Kurukshetra Development Board at Purushotampura Bagh, Brahma Sarovar in Kurukshetra today.

          He said that this special flying team would conduct surprise inspections as per the training schedule and strict action would be taken against any trainer  found to be absent during this inspection. He said that orders have been issued to take action against two trainers of the state on charge of dereliction in duty.

          The Minister said that Haryana is at first position in the country in the field of sports and this achievement has been to be maintained always. Therefore, the State Government is working with utmost dedication and commitment to hone up the talent of sports persons of national and international level as well as at the grass root level.

          Mr Sandeep Singh said that sports person in the State would be imparted training according to the prescribed schedule and no negligence would be tolerated in this regard. He said that all the trainers would reach the playing field and nurseries on time and provide high level training to the players. A confidential special flying team is being constituted to check this training work. The members of this team would report directly and if a trainer is found to be absent without leave or if there is any negligence in training, then immediate action would be taken against him, he asserted.

          He said that now the trainers would have to focus on training only by leaving the old methods.  He said that sports persons in the state should realize that they are getting high level training in sports stadia’s and nurseries. He said that the trainers who are not serious in their work would remain on the radar and the trainers who do commendable work would be encouraged as the instructors and gurus are always revered and this honor would have to be upheld.

          He said that not only hockey but every sport would be promoted in the State in a big way. For this, all basic facilities would be provided to the sports persons.

          Replying to a query, Mr Sandeep Singh said that he has not played any hockey match for the last one year, but added that he would play hockey match in the year 2020.



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