Union Home Minister, Mr Sushil Kumar Sambhajirao Shinde said that a decision has been taken to give the status of ex-servicemen to para-military personnel. Mr Shinde was addressing a largely attended ‘Samriti Rally’ organized on the occasion of 66th birth anniversary of former Minister Ch. Surinder Singh at Tosham in district Bhiwani today, where he and Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda dedicated to the people of the area the developmental projects worth over Rs.67.64 crore in the presence of Haryana Public Health Engineering Minister, Mrs. Kiran Choudhry and Member of Parliament Ms. Shruti Chaudhry.  While describing Haryana as the land of the brave, Mr Shinde assured that whatever the demands Ms Shruti Choudhry would put forward, he would try to fulfill. He said that both former Chief Minister, Ch. Bansi Lal and former Minister, Ch. Surinder Singh had undertaken development of the area and he had the privilege to work with both of them. He said that during 1998, he also worked with Ch. Surinder Singh as a Member of Rajya Sabha and Ch. Surinder Singh used to raise his voice for issues concerning farmers. He was all praise for the introduction of computerization of land records of the State by Ch. Surinder Singh as a Revenue Minister. He described Ch. Surinder Singh as a man of progressive ideology.  Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda assured the people that the Government would ensure availability of Bhakra’s water to this area as a Rs 350 crore be BML-Hansi Butana Link Canal has been got constructed, but the issue was pending with the Supreme Court. Although a leader of Haryana, in connivance with the Chief Minister of Punjab had tried to create hindrance in making this canal functional, but there would be an equitable distribution of canal water. He said that after holding the reigns of administration in the year 2005, he had decided to ensure equitable distribution of water. Mr. Hooda said that opposition parties while being in power had always halted the progress of the state and also of the Tosham area. Two leaders of opposition parties   remained MP from Bhiwani but had never raised their  voice for welfare of the people of the area. Presenting the statistics, he said that since the year 2005, the present State Government had incurred a sum of Rs.4000.54 crore on developmental projects in district Bhiwani whereas merely 618.31 crore was spent by INLD-BJP government from the year 1999 to 2005. Similarly, Congress government had spent Rs.746.35 crore from the year 2005 to 2012 on developmental schemes and projects in Tosham Assembly segment. On the contrary, INLD-BJP had spent only Rs.138.56 crore during their six year rule. Since the year 1966 to 2005, Haryana State Agriculture Marketing Board had constructed 65 kilometer long roads in Tosham assembly constituency whereas 86 kilometre long roads had been constructed in the area during last seven years. Apart from this, present government had upgraded 35 schools of the area, he added.
The Chief Minister also announced a number of developmental projects for Tosham assembly constituency including upgradation of Community Health Centre, Tosham to 50 bedded hospital provide that panchayat would give land for the same, construction of Primary Health Centre building at Jui, upgradation of a number of schools provided these fulfill the prescribed forms, setting up of 12 Anganwari Centres in villages, Rs. 10 crore grant for development of villages in the area, rehabilitation of Rajpura minor at a cost of  Rs.2.5 crore, lohani drain with Rs.two crore, khanak minor with Rs.3.5 crore and pump houses of Bhiwani with Rs.eight crore.  He also announced rehabilitation of Ch. Bansi Lal canal at a cost of Rs.two crore, construction of new building of veterinary hospital at Tosham and village Pinjokhara, upgradation of veterinary dispensary at village Dinod,  Ayurvedic  Dispensary at village Garanpura, construction of shed at Jui Anaj Mandi, repair of various roads of Tosham assembly constituency and construction of stadia  in different villages provided that village panchayat would give land for this purpose. He assured that notification for ESI dispensary, village Khanak would be issued on December 1, 2012. While paying tributes to Ch. Surender Singh, Mr. Hooda said that he had close relations with him and had also worked with him in the state and also in the Parliament. Despite being MP in Lok Sabha from different parties, he and Mr. Surinder Singh were of common ideology to serve the poor and the farmers. He said that he also got opportunity to work with Ch. Bansi Lal and had learnt  a lot from the great leader.  Chief Minister said that the Central government, under the able guidance of UPA Chairperson Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh had implemented many welfare schemes for the welfare of the people belonging to all sections of the society. People of Haryana had been immensely benefited with these schemes and state had also launched many welfare schemes for their welfare. He also highlighted welfare schemes and programmes launched by state government during last seven years. Haryana Excise and Taxation Minister, Mrs Kiran Choudhry appreciated that Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda had been attending the birth anniversary celebrations of former Minister, Ch. Surinder Singh every year. She said that Mr Hooda has been following the footsteps of former Haryana Chief Minister, Ch. Bansi Lal who had got a network of canals, roads and power system set up. Ch. Bansi Lal had also got educational institutes established in the State. She also thanked the Union Minister for joining them on this occasion.  Mrs Kiran Choudhry expressed her gratitude to a large number of women who had attended the function and said that she was proud of the supporters of Ch. Bansi Lal and Ch. Surinder Singh and added that she had been in the politics to serve these supporters and workers. She cautioned that some leaders were trying to mislead the people by making false promises and creating differences on the basis of caste. She said that although such people did become Member of Parliament from the area, but they did nothing for the development of the area.  She put up some demands of the area and urged the Chief Minister to restore mining and the canal water for drinking purpose should be available in Bhiwani district for 16 days instead of seven days at present. The Chief Minister  accepted most of the demands.  While paying rich tributes to Ch. Surinder Singh, Ms Shruti Choudhry said that all those who are associated  with Ch. Bansi Lal and Ch. Surinder Singh come together every year to pay their tributes to these departed leaders. She said that former Prime Minister, Mrs Indira Gandhi used to speak about development works undertaken by Ch. Bansi Lal in her speeches. The Chief Minister, Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda has been following his footsteps to undertake massive development in the State. She urged that a Central University be set up in the area and a Medical College be opened at General Hospital, Bhiwani. She also put forward some more demands of the area.  Others who also spoke on the occasion included former Speaker, Haryana Vidhan Sabha, Mr Chhatar Singh Chauhan, former MLA Major Nripender Sangwan, Mr Ram Partap Sharma, Mr Devraj Mehta, Mr Kultaj Singh, Mr Dayanand, Mr Zoravar Sangwan, Mr J.P. Dalal and Mr Devraj Toshmia. Chief Parliamentary Secretary, Mr Ram Kishan Fouji presented the vote of thanks.  Earlier, the people of the area presented turbans to the Union Minister and the Chief Minister as a mark of respect.  On this occasion, the Rs 10.27 crore Ch. Bansi Lal Women College and Rs 6.25 crore late Ch. Surinder Singh Memorial ITI and Hospitality Bhawan were inaugurated. Foundation stones were laid for Rs 18.52 crore Tosham by-pass and second water works costing Rs 10 crore and sewage treatment plant costing Rs 22 crore in Siwani.


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