One&only cape town adopts a Rhino



New Delhi,

One&Only Cape Town is proud to introduce our contribution to anti-rhino poaching with the introduction of ‘Rhym-nocesros’ whose stunning design is the inspirational work of Cape Town street artist Nardstar.  Rhym-nosercous is currently touring the Cape as part of public outdoor art exhibition styled The Rhinos are Coming!!!  that will feature up to 100 unique art works.

“Sunrise over the Serengeti, creatures stir and begin their day,
One appears and the trees all tremble, there’s a young rhinoceros out to play
There’s a one tonne, two horned rhino on the run
There a three toed, four legged giant in sun
For he is all too rare, so do take care, to shoot with a camera and never a gun”

“We are truly thrilled part of The Rhinos are Coming!!! exhibition in Cape Town and to lend our voice to this important cause” says Richard Lyon, General Manager of One&Only Cape Town. “To have someone like Nardstar get involved and bring her flair to our rhino is something we are very proud of as it makes our rhino truly Capetonian”.

Nardstar also gave him his unique name when she dubbed the One&Only rhino Rhym-noceros. “It’s like a rapping rhino,” she explained.

“I’m a rapping rhino here to spread the news
Rhino poaching – it gives me the blues.
I’m a handsome boy, nice and tall,
I belong in the wild and not on your wall.
Please be aware and support this good cause,
Together we can catch these poaching outlaws!”

With the aim of raising awareness and funds for the fight against rhino poaching The Rhinos Are Coming!!! officially launched in early April. These colourful creatures can be found in popular outdoor areas of the city and at various events leading up to the official exhibition in December. There will be an auction of some of the rhinos in April 2018 of which all the funds raised will go to


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