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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

One year of hemant soren govt. Turning adversity into opportunity




Jharkhand Chief Minister Mr. Hemant Soren, completed one year of office today and we list down top ten achievements under his leadership in the state. 



  1. FIGHT AGAINST COVID 19: As the world fought Covid-19 pandemic, Jharkhand was declared the 9th least affected state owing to stringent steps and swift action by the state Government. Figures at a glance:


  1. Ghar Wapsi: As an aftermath of the Covid-19 Crisis, there was a nationwide lockdown in India – resulting in the shutdown of businesses, factories, and other workplaces – affecting the livelihoods of millions of people especially the Migrant workers who were hit particularly hard. Many of them lost their jobs, with no social safety net and little access to family support they were desperate to return. Despite the challenge, the young CM meticulously planning and ensured safe return of more than 8 Lakh migrant workers. Jharkhand also became the 1st state to airlift its workers from places like Andaman, Leh & Ladakh.


  1. Employment Generation: While surviving the pandemic another huge concern was the economic challenge to generate employment for the people. Tackling the issue, Hemant Govt. created a blueprint under the MNREGA scheme connecting migrants as well as local workers to boost its rural economy. Have a look at some of the noteworthy schemes for Job Creation mentioned below: 


  1. Promoting Tourism: Looking beyond traditional mineral & mining industries, the CM’s vision focused to explore the state’s unexplored natural beauty and historical significance by taking concrete steps in this direction. With 10 existing schemes worth over 206 Crores & 8 new proposed schemes worth 77 crores, Tourism is set to have an enormous potential to generate employment for more than 75,000 local people. In a bid to promote Jharkhand as an eco-tourism destination, the state is trying to utilize its existing infrastructure of popular forest and water bodies targeting both domestic and international tourists. 


  1. Target Sports: Despite limitations, the state has produced award-winning players both at national & international levels. Under its Sports policy 2020, a database of players is prepared to provide them with facilities and training as per global standards along with sports scholarship and awards. With an emphasis on Sports Tourism, promoting local & traditional games have remained the key focus. 


  1. Reviving Tribal Treasures: One of the key achievements of the Soren Govt. was to give identity to traditional tribal products and craft. Under the “Palaash” brand name these products now will be sold by rural women across retail markets empowering them with financial independence. 


  1. Boost to small-scale & medium industries: Constructive steps are taken for the development of small scale businesses. Potters and artisans are brought under the labour dept. through Mati Kala board in order to make a qualitative change in their lives. Efforts are on to establish a cycle manufacturing unit and further expand and promote food processing industries in the state.
  1. Education for All: Tackling challenges of online education for rural students through the Covid lockdown, the Govt. introduced Digi School & Learnytic 2.0 as preliminary steps towards making education available to all. A tribal university is on the cards. Skill based education as per market demand, Merit Scholarships, Free coaching & Awards are some of the noteworthy steps undertaken for deserving students.


  1. Industrial Development & Infrastructure: Construction of Industry Parks at various key locations and providing robust infrastructure like regular power and water supply is another focus area making the state a lucrative choice for potential investors to set up their plants.


  1. Building an Agri-economy: Agriculture & allied industries have been a main stay in the state of Jharkhand. From ensuring Minimum Sales Price for the farmers to increasing storage centres and using modern research & innovation based agri-technology, steps are underway to strengthen the agri-economy.





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