A new decision has been taken regarding the old pension scheme in Rajasthan. According to the decision of the government, it has been decided to give old pension to the employees of state boards, corporations and universities running with government aid. According to the announcement made in the budget, the order has been issued by the Finance Department. Employees of municipal corporations, UITs, power companies, corporations, boards, government undertakings and universities will come under the ambit of the new decision. Apart from those working in these institutions, the retired employees will also get the benefit.

It is necessary to fill the form by June 15

Under the new decision, to take advantage of the old pension, the format issued by the Finance Department of the government will have to be filled. It is necessary to fill this form and submit it by June 15. According to the order issued by the Finance Department, the benefit of old pension is not available in such institutions. To implement the GPF Link Pension Scheme to such institutions, it is necessary to set up a pension fund by making new rules. These institutions will have to deposit the amount of pension in the PD account of the state government.

Retired employee will also get pension

Employees who have retired after working in these institutions and have taken money from EPF or CPF. But if they want to take advantage of old pension, then such employees will have to fill the option form for old pension. Apart from this, the amount received from EPF or CPF will have to be deposited with 12 percent interest. All working and retired employees will have to fill the pension option form by June 15.

With this, till June 30, the interest on the deposits of the retired employees can be calculated by the Finance Department. Retired employees can deposit the full amount by July 15.


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