Saturday, February 29th, 2020

Official arrested when providing fake medicine of Swine Flu

Haryana, Haryana Police has arrested a person from Gurgaon for administering fake medicine as a preventive measure from Swine Flu and recovered a huge quantity of medicine. While giving this information today, a spokesman of the Police Department said that medicine was being administered at R.K. Hospital located at Rajendra Park. He said that Rs 40 was being charged for administering medicine to children and Rs 60 for administering the same to adults.
        He said that when the matter seemed suspicious, therefore help of Drug Controller Department was sought and raid was conducted in the hospital. It was found that a person namely Charan Singh, a resident of Lucknow at present living at village Bijwasan (Delhi) has been administering medicine and has engaged 6-7 girls for this work. He said that Charan Singh was running his business by scaring people of the outbreak of this disease.
        The spokesman said that the certification of medicine is being checked and also, involvement of Director of the hospital, doctor, department or other person is being checked. Charan Singh was being thoroughly interrogated, he added.



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