IWILife, Legacy Healthcare and Euro Alliance plan aggressive India entry on back of growing nutraceuticals demand

New Delhi ,

On the back ofa very high demand for nutraceuticals due to increase of immunity awareness, threeglobal nutraceutical leaders are planning aggressive forays into the Indian market. Nutrify India, a leading nutra-consulting firm and Ideas-To-Commercialization platform in nutraceuticals, has been signed up by the three international conglomerates to cater to their distinctive needs for their India Go-To-Market strategies. Of the three, two have signed-up Nutrify India for their India entry namely, US-based Qualitas Health, the holding company of iwilife.com, a company devoted to the development of microalgae innovative technologies, and Legacy Healthcare, a Swiss-based botanical drugs and supplements major. Euro Alliance, Switzerland, has partnered Nutrify India to tap the expanding Indian nutraceuticals innovation space to help them enter the European market through the Euro Alliance supply chain.

All three companies have extensive plans for the Indian market which will be led by Nutrify India to establish and expand their presence in India. Speaking on these partnerships, Amit Srivastava, Chief Catalyst, Nutrify India, said “The nutraceuticals space has witnessed an unprecedented growth post-Covid when preventive health has become a core focus for all. Nutrify India is focused on helping expanding business horizons for companies in the nutraceutical space by helping with business collaborations and creation of synergies. The market maturity of the Indian nutraceutical market is evident and has made global nutraceutical leaders like Qualitas Health and Legacy Healthcare to invest in the Indian subcontinent.”

Under its agreement with Qualitas Health, Nutrify India will help Qualitas create two business models. One for world’s only High PL algal EPA, and another for their branded businesses. The agreement is structured as a retainer with a revenue-sharing model for building the India market for Qualitas Health.

Elaborating on their partnership with Nutrify India, the CEO for Qualitas Health, Mr. Miguel Calatayud said that “Qualitas is very excited to partner with an established player like Nutrify India in a fast growing market which has the population along with information access and an ever-increasing spending power along with the need to stay healthy. We see the nutraceutical space in India headed towards robust growth and are keen to be part of this journey.”

A similar agreement has been signed with Legacy Healthcare under which Nutrify India will establish their technology through B2B partnerships in India while also assist them in their continued R&D initiatives in India by helping them create opportunities for deep-science molecular Biology research in Botanical drugs. The association will also bring in their high-end research products to India.

Commenting on the agreement, Mr. Saad Harti, CEO of Legacy Healthcare said that “We are building the bridge to turn botanicals with promising health benefits into US FDA and EMA, and then globally, approved, safe, efficient drugs and we are pleased to partner with Nutrify India the largest player in the nutraceutical space in India to begin our Indian endeavour.”

Mr. Rakshit Mehta, Managing Director, Euro Alliance, said that the company is excited to be partnering Nutrify India. He has been frequenting to India in search of innovations in nutraceuticals, but as a foreign company, it was becoming difficult to access vast country like India. Partnering with the expert organization has enabled many deals within just a year. The company is also identifying European innovators in its supply chainwho want to access Indian markets and will leverage this agreement in bringing them to India.

Nutrify India has helped Euro Alliance, Switzerland strike commercialization deals of over USD 1.5 million for three nutra-innovators Aavishkar Pharma, Gram Tarang and Herbahive, all of which are in the final stage of screening as the most promising nutraceutical innovations that would be launched for the first time in Europe soon. Euro Alliance also intends to invest in proprietary product development and packaging machinery into existing contract manufacturers in India. This machinery will be used for supply requirements of Euro Alliance. Euro Alliance is a large scale trade firm in Europe with HQ in Lausanne – Switzerlandinto AI solutions, medtech, nutritionals through its vast supply chain in retail outlets in Europe and also manufactures proprietary products in South Korea. Euro Alliance intends to invest in nutraceutical manufacturing through its alliance with Nutrify India since India is a good resource for nutra-ingredient raw materials.


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