Nurturing the dreams of Udayan Care, Deepak Sharma launches ‘Wings to Fly’


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Philanthropist and social activist Deepak Sharma has made an exemplary contribution to society by donating his legacy to the welfare and education of underserved children and giving them ‘WINGS TO FLY’. The story is narrated and interestingly captured in his debut book ‘WINGS TO FLY’ launched today at India International Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi amidst an august gathering of book lovers, social welfare professionals, and socialites from Delhi and the National Capital Region.


About the Author:

Deepak Sharma was born in a well-educated middle-class family in 1960 in Modinagar, Uttar Pradesh. He attained a high  degree of success in the corporate world and yet decided to give up his lucrative  career at the age of 53 and become a caregiver to guide and support children in need of care and protection. Before switching to social service, he worked with NTPC, ABB, ALSTOM, BSES, and the TATA Group. Much before reaching the age of superannuation, he realized that all the fantasies of the corporate world, materialistic possession, and the rat race were futile and temporary. He bid adieu to the corporate job and decided to embrace something beyond himself, and truly work towards the real purpose of life—living for others.

The book is published by Chennai-based Notion Press. It covers the journey of Deepak Sharma from humble beginnings to the high peaks of his corporate career and then a decisive move to a completely new phase of his life where he devoted himself to the cause of caregiving.

Deepak Sharma’s book ‘WINGS TO FLY’ covers the span of his childhood, adolescence, and adult years. The book takes the readers through the journey of 13 years of volunteering life and gives the reader an inside view to the  extraordinary story of an ordinary boy who finally got his wings to fly by being associated with Udayan Care, an NGO based in Delhi.

‘WINGS TO FLY’ beautifully illustrates that instead of incessantly climbing the ladder of success, sometimes we need to pause and look around us at the truth and reality of pain and suffering of those who are affected by poverty, insecurity, suffering, disabilities, and inabilities.

 Every individual has the choice of weeding out the superficial, false, and futile from one’s life and sowing the seeds of meaning, kindness, and goodness.

Stating that the publication of the book has given him the best moment of his life, Deepak Sharma, author of the book said, “I’d like to thank my loved ones for always encouraging me and supporting me throughout the process to pursue everything I desire, and the publishers, Notion Press, for believing in me.”

Sharma summarized the book in his own words, “WINGS TO FLY is inspired by real thoughts and experiences of the people around me and a few are my personal anecdotes. I personally believe that each child is a lotus waiting to blossom. They just need someone’s support, guidance, care, handholding, and above all, quality time.” As part of his annual affair since 2019, Deepak Sharma donated amount worth 25lacs to Udayan Care today while the launch of his book ‘Wings to Fly’.

The book inspires the readers to reflect on their own lives and their relationship with the society, nature and the universe. Anyone can extend a hand of support, become eyes for the blind, a voice for the mute, crutches for the crippled, and a lamp of light and hope for someone else. True joy and contentment are found only when we look beyond ourselves and learn to live for others.

Ms. Neerja Malik (Cancer Counsellor, Inspirational Speaker and Author). Ms. Rekha Gupta (Social activist standing for gender equality) Dr. Shiv Sarin (Founder-Trustee Udayan Care, Padma Bhushan and presently Director of the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, Delhi) and Dr. Kiran Modi (Founder and Managing Trustee, Udayan Care) graced the occasion as the Guests of Honour and launched the book, ‘WINGS TO FLY’ today.

Sharing her views on the book, Ms. Neerja Malik, Guest of Honour present on the occasion of the book launch said, “I am so proud of Deepak…His entire life’s experiences and journey have flowed seamlessly into the divine vocation that was truly meant for him, to serve society, ensuring that the Udayan Care girls, our youth, and India’s leaders of tomorrow, are empowered by his inspiring mentorship and are automatically equipped to absorb the required qualities of a concerned, caring and wonderful human being.”

Dr. Kiran Modi, Founder and Managing Trustee, of Udayan Care, speaking on the occasion said, “Every time I meet Deepak Sharma, I come back more and more in awe and with rekindled hope for a sustainable change in society. His exemplary dedication and unwavering commitment to the disadvantaged children and youth’s nurturance, their higher education, and employability, his ability to mentor them, guide them in traversing rightfully and rightly through the serpentine, circuitous lanes of life and emerge winners, is the stuff a mentor should be made of. ‘WINGS TO FLY’ is his autobiography, which clearly outlines the drivers in his life. Each incident, each exposure cementing his belief that he was meant to give wings to others so that they can fly, makes this saga of utter, selfless giving a truly inspiring one, worthy of any reader’s attention”.

‘WINGS TO FLY’ can be purchased from Amazon, Flipkart, and Notion Press.

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