Nuclear war tensions rise ! Russia declares nuclear drills amid ukraine war


Moscow : Amidst the war with Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken a big decision regarding nuclear weapons. Russia has announced nuclear weapons exercises. This announcement could prove to be a warning to Ukraine’s Western allies.

The Defense Ministry said in a statement that the nuclear weapons drills are in response to provocative statements and threats by some Western officials regarding the Russian Federation.

This is the first time that Russia has publicly announced exercises involving nuclear weapons. However, its strategic nuclear forces continue to conduct regular exercises. Tactical nuclear weapons have a lower yield than large-scale weapons such as intercontinental ballistic missiles intended to destroy entire cities.

This announcement by Russia may prove to be a warning to Ukraine’s western allies. French President Emmanuel Macron reiterated last week that he does not rule out sending troops to Ukraine. British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said Kiev’s forces would be able to use British long-range weapons to attack targets inside Russia.


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