Nuclear reactor will increase electricity production in India by 3 times

The journey of nuclear power generation which started in the year 1969 in the country has reached 22 nuclear power stations established in different states with full speed. By 2031, 43 nuclear power plants will be capable of producing 22,480 MW of electricity in the country. This will increase the electricity generation in the country three times.

Presently, 6780 MW of electricity is being produced in the country. India’s first nuclear power station was commissioned in February 1969 with two units at Tarapur, Maharashtra. Which is about 100 kms from Mumbai. Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd., working under the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. In the last six decades after the commissioning of the Tarapur Atomic Power Plant, the Tarapur Atomic Power Plant has made a significant contribution in taking the country from darkness to light by producing clean and safe electricity.

Amritesh Srivastava, deputy general manager of NPCIL, says that at present, two or a total of six nuclear reactors are under construction in Rajasthan, Haryana and Gujarat. PLC/GT


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