NTPC-Badarpur,NTPC-Badarpur, Sharmila Roy Chaudhury, first lady of NTPC ,President of Sanyukta Mahila Samiti ,General Manager of  Badarpur Station , D.Sarkar,  President of Deepshikha Mahila Club  Kasturi SarkarINVC,

NTPC-Badarpur has distributed blankets to the patients of eye camps organized by the BTPS Hospital under CSR.  Badarpur Station’s hospital organized two camps in which cataract, glaucoma and other eye diseases were examined by a team of expert Doctors from NTPC and Venu Eye Hospital.  A total of 867 patients visited the hospital. During examination, 166 patients were detected and operated for cataract operations delivered at Venu Eye Hospital.  All the cost of operations were borne by NTPC-Badarpur.  Mrs. Sharmila Roy Chaudhury, the first lady of NTPC and President of Sanyukta Mahila Samiti distributed the blankets to the 166 patients during a function organized at the Station premises.  The General Manager of  Badarpur Station Mr. D.Sarkar, the President of Deepshikha Mahila Club Mrs. Kasturi Sarkar, Chief Medical Officer Mr. G.C.Mishra, senior officials of Station were also present on this occasion.

Badarpur Hopital has organized various camps of cancer detection, heart diseases, stone & prostate etc. in which more than 1500 patients were examined free of cost.


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