Now the government will also postpone the cooperative elections?


There is a rule to hold elections within one year after the term of the cooperative institutions is over. In this regard, a proposal was sent to the Chief Minister by the Cooperative Department. According to the information received from the sources, instructions have been given by the Chief Minister’s Office to send the proposal to the government to abolish the obligation of one year.

According to the Cooperative Department, the government should either remove the time limit of 1 year, or give permission to release the election program. Keeping in view the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, the government is not ready to conduct elections for cooperative societies this year. It is believed that the proposal to remove the rule of abolishing the obligation of 1 year will soon be sent to the cabinet by the Cooperative Department.

Elections of many cooperatives have not been held for the last several years. Some cases are pending in the court for many years. Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Union has a record of not holding elections for the last 18 years. Similarly, the elections of State Cooperative Marketing Federation and Small Forest Produce Federation have also not been held. The government is not in a mood to take any risk before the assembly elections. PLC/GT


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