Now ordering food from Zomato will become expensive – Zomato increased the fees by 25 percent

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New York  : Now ordering food from online food delivery platform Zomato will become expensive. Zomato has increased its platform fees by 25 percent. According to ET, now you will have to pay an additional Rs 5 every time you order from this platform. Earlier it was Rs 4 per order.

Zomato started charging platform fees in August last year itself. At that time, Rs 2 per order was started as platform fee. After this it was increased to three rupees. Buoyed by record food orders on New Year’s Eve, it had in January raised its mandatory platform fee from Rs 3 per order to Rs 4 in key markets.

The platform fee charged by Zomato is in addition to the delivery charges. However, Zomato Gold members do not have to pay delivery charges. But they will have to pay platform fees. It is noteworthy that Zomato’s own quick-commerce platform Blinkit also charges at least Rs 2 as handling charge on every order.

It is noteworthy that Zomato received an order demanding Goods and Services Tax (GST) and penalty of Rs 11.81 crore only last week. This includes a GST demand of Rs 5.9 crore and a penalty of Rs 5.9 crore for the period July 2017-March 2021.


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