Now no one else will be able to use your numbers


You can easily find out from your home whether any fake SIM is running even with your Aadhaar card, how many SIMs are registered in your name, whether you are also the next victim. Today we are going to share with you some tips, with the help of which you can easily find out how many numbers are registered in your name.

Every day such incidents are coming to the fore in which people are committing huge frauds and crimes by using registered SIM in someone else’s name. Now such incidents will not happen. Because the government has launched a very big system for this, with the help of this system, you will also be able to check how many sims are registered in your name and how much is active till now. To check this process, you do not have to go anywhere. No need. You will be able to check directly from your mobile.

department of telecommunication dot has launched tafcop portal
Cases of taking mobile SIM cards using the details of others and using it illegally are continuously coming to the fore. Keeping this in mind, the government has now launched a portal named tafcop by the Department of Telecommunication. With the help of which you can easily find out how many mobiles are registered in your name. The department has launched a tool with the help of which you can get rid of those numbers online. which they are not using. Through this website, people will also be helped to know how many mobile numbers are running in their name and along with this, they can easily put a request to block the same number.

Now no one else will be able to use your numbers
Along with this, many such cases have also come to the fore in which people secretly get SIMs taken out in the name of others and blackmail them and carry out incidents like threats to do illegal work. If you have any such doubt that someone is doing illegal work with your mobile number in your name, then you can check it in 5 minutes that how many sims have come out in your name and how many are still active, you can call it in 1 minute. I can also get it deactivated.

For this, you can follow these steps by visiting the link given below-

–> First of all we have to click on this link or you can do it by visiting this website (
–> After that you have to enter any one of your number which is registered in your name.
–> Now you have to click on the request OTP given below it.
–> As soon as you click on Request OTP, you will see the list of all the mobile numbers that are active in your name.
–> When the sim has been issued in your name, it became active yesterday and when it has been closed, everything can be known.
–> If you had a mobile number earlier and you are not using it now, now someone else is using it, then you can get those numbers blocked as well.
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